Select Button Photography Club: Gallery 1


Do you like taking photos, or do you think you might like taking photos if you tried it? Do you sometimes lack motivation to take photos despite theoretical interest? If so, consider joining our photography club. In fact, if you’re reading this you can consider yourself a member.

Here’s how it works: throughout the month of January 2018, we go out and take one or more photos that fit a particular theme, and then share them in this thread. This is not a contest with judges or votes, though you are free to choose a favorite if you’d like.

For this inaugural round, you get to choose from three flexible themes that @Mikey and I came up with:

  • Green
  • Water
  • Success

Feel free to combine two of these, or even all three. When you post, you can explain how the theme or themes you have chosen apply to your photo. Or just leave it up to your audience to interpret. There really aren’t any rules, just the illusion of structure to encourage motivation.

You can also talk about your equipment or technique if you want to, so that maybe we can all improve a little.


Can I participate if I don’t have a good camera, or if I just have a phone?

Can I participate if I’m not an experienced photographer?

Can I post a photo that I took before January 2018?
Yes, as long as you modify the EXIF data so that no one knows that you cheated.

Can I post a photo that I took after January 2018?
Yes, there is no deadline.

Can I manipulate my photo after taking it?
Yes, and if you do something interesting with it please share so that we can learn the technique.


Here are a few tips that helped me when I first started trying to take decent photos:

  • Use a tripod if possible, or just place the camera on top of something. Or at least try to hold the camera as still as possible.

  • Use your camera’s timer function if possible, even if you just set the timer for two seconds or so. This helps because simply touching the camera to take the shot can shake it a little.

  • Avoid using the flash whenever possible, unless you have a fancy flash. If you need to shine a light on something, try diffusing the light. One very cheap technique that you can use for this is shining a lamp through a piece of frosted shower curtain plastic, which you can get at a fabric store.

  • Don’t use your camera’s digital zoom function. Just use the optical zoom (the one that actually moves the lens) and crop the photo later if you want to.

  • Dawn, dusk, and overcast days are perfect for photography. Noon when the sun is bright is typically not ideal, nor is darkness.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. If you have a nice camera and/or know what you are doing, then the above tips may not apply. And I’m not the best person to be giving such tips in the first place. I’ve never even owned an SLR camera.

That’s it. Have fun and post your photos below. And if you have an idea for the next theme, let me or Mikey know and you can join our secret planning thread.


oh this sounds fun. maybe i’ll see if i can use my woo’s camera for this

however i’d like to contend that the weird foreshortening an intense flash brings to a photo is an extremely good look

Hey quick Question where are folks hosting photos these days, I shut down my site. Should I just use Flickr or something?

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This is a great idea for a thread, wourme. Reading this last night inspired me to capture some green on my morning jog today. This is what I came up with:

I think the image looks much cooler in monocrome, especially since the color reproduction here isn’t the greatest (this is after some photoshop, mind). I had to stick to the green theme, though so color was a must.

The camera I used is a little Fujifilm point & shoot circa 2011/2012 that was purchased secondhand at flea market. The limited tech helped me concentrate on composing a good shot. Does it look like a good composition to you all? Feel free to critique, as I’m eager to learn!


I think this is great. I think I like it better in color! The muted green feels very meditative to me, in a way that really captures the “morning jog” feel. Early in the morning is my favorite time of day so maybe I’m biased by the knowledge of when you took the picture. That said I think the monochrome version gains a little more drama and certainly makes some of the smaller details (the distant signs in particular) pop so I won’t actually go as far as to say the color version is superior. A little bit I wish that the shadows in the lower left weren’t so deep but I think short of having lugged a fill-light out there to get rid of them there’s not much you could have done.

I may also just be jealous that there’s still green to be had in your part of the world because NY is currently a big grey/white blah full of snow and road salt.

I’m actually planning on getting a new camera this year, so I’ll see how that goes, but if it does go, I’m down

I have a shot I can submit, should I fail to get something better. But I got a little portable lightbox thingy for shooting small objects in, so I want to play with that.

Okay, I think this will be my contribution. It’s extremely unusual for us to get snow or ice where I live, but we’ve had such conditions twice this season. This is a close-up of a hole in my yard that I’ve inadvertently made by backing up into the same spot every day.


I’m going to be lazy and use a test photo I took using a little portable light box


this is just a phone photo but i quite like it


the digital noise looks really nice on the water/seaweed

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i’m glad you agree! happy accident that was def amplified by hitting the auto-enhance button

it’s not the best quality, but i like this photo i took of a crow recently



I’m curious what that is in the distance in your photo/where it was taken

so the water is Lake Burley Griffin, an artificial lake named after one of the architects of this city, Walter Griffin (for some reason we all call him Walter Burley Griffin). same guy who did Chicago i think? along with his wife Marion Mahony Griffin. it’s often flooded with blue-green algae but it’s been good to swim in lately.

the tower in the distance is officially Telstra Tower. Black Mountain Tower is a better name for it though! it’s this telecommunications tower that’s visible from almost everywhere in this town. they light it up with different colours at night sometimes! i think it’s nicknamed the Junkie Needle or something like that? there’s a little exhibit of telecommunications technology on the ground floor and a rotating restaurant up the top.

the string of lights on the water’s edge, i’m pretty sure, mark a bike path i used to ride down before i lived close to the centre of town. this is in Canberra btw!

i hope this is enough info for you!!


More than enough, thank you :slight_smile:

Some of my grotesque toy photography

Google Photos

Google Photos

Edit: Cropped by discourse, unfortunately


While the original idea for this was to have a monthly theme, it might be more fun to just leave the topic open for whenever someone feels like taking a photo based on the theme, or happens to take one that fits.

Which I did the other day:


{Xfiles theme plays}


i dunno if i posted this already but