see you on ragol (let's play pso in 2022 thread)

lately i’ve been playing Phantasy Star Online on the Ephinea fan server. for the unfamiliar, PSO is an extremely fun & addicting 3d sci-fi Diablo clone by Yuji Naka’s Sonic Team, originally released in 2000. PSO is special for its stylish visuals, amazing soundtrack, and its unique approach to combat that emphasizes spacing and knowing the often quirky rhythm of your weapon’s attacks over button mashing

Ephinea provides a “vanilla plus” experience with modern conveniences like experience points being shared across the whole party and item drops instanced per player while leaving basically everything else alone. i’ve been enjoying this little trip down memory lane and wanted to invite others to join me!

i wanna play!

getting set up on a 20+ year old online game that hasn’t had official servers in more than a decade sounds daunting, but Ephinea makes it really easy. just go here, sign up for an account, and download their client. no emulation necessary, no modded gamecubes, etc, all you need is a PC. a gamepad is probably a good idea but PSO is completely playable on keyboard alone.

there are technical troubleshooting tips there too but tbh it’s an ancient PC game, it should run on a toaster. that said, i highly recommend turning off all of Ephinea’s optional graphics options (bloom, AA, etc,) picking DirectX9 or above, a good widescreen resolution, and using Reshade and these CRT Royale shaders for that ideal y2k vibe~

my username there is infophysics & my Lv16 RAmarl is named WORSTGIRL. i’ve set up a selectbutts Team, i think we have to meet in game for me to add folks to it?? we’ll figure that out as we go.

i’m far from an expert on this game but it’s a really relaxing chill time and i’m happy to answer questions best i can <3

edit: for people who’ve played this before – when making your character just name them whatever, you can use the /modsecid chat command in the lobby to set your section ID to whatever you want once, ie. /modsecid Pinkal will set your section ID to Pinkal the next time you log in


hey everyone. i have been playing this game for a good several years now, and i love it, and i’m glad other people are getting on board. getting groups together is going to be a lot of fun, i think. better than hoping for the best with randos.


[eric andre voice] LET ME IN!


i think i got into ~40s? when i played maybe two and a half years ago… maybe i’ll see if i can still log in…


PSO has the best sound effects in history


spooky, i missed pso first time around despite being a massive dreamcast head and i only just this week discovered how great the soundtrack is and was searching youtube for guides on picking it up


I revisited PSO two years ago on GameCube and had an absolute blast. I would rather play it than most modern day games as a service (including PSO2NGS) and I just love everything going on with PSO/PSO2 Classic aesthetically.

I played pso2 til the pedophile mafia took over/SEGA decided to replace the game I became hopelessly addicted to so sure I’ll try this.


Perfect timing! Just last night I was considering gauging interest for this! I’m in!


having never played this in its original form, that reshade CRT-Royale does make a difference in terms of baked-in nostalgia

i am here! my account is VastleCania and my character is Cania and i don’t know how to play lol


okay i spent too long messing with shaders and then the one mission i tried was essentially impossible for one person. the tutorial says to try side story missions first


But this is what I see:

And the Extermination one I tried was ridiculously hard. Any idea what the heck I’m doing wrong here? I wanna play but it took me literally the entire mission time to kill 5 monsters. I must be way underleveled…

EDIT nevermind i figured it out, I had to change the Play Mode to One Person instead of Normal


yeah there’s like main story quests from the mayor or whatever and you get little side quests from this person in your pic. the extermination and maximum attack and shit are for leveling up once you know the ropes much more

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wait you’re telling me sonic team made a game like destiny


another thing you can do is simply enter the teleporter without taking any missions, which allows you to run around and fight monsters for experience or find better gear to pick up or sell.


i finished a mission whoo!! okay i’ll be back to this later thanks yall


another really good choice for lv 1-5 solo is Gallon’s Plan, the first Solo Only mission — it pairs you with an npc who spams aoe spells. help her commit egg fraud and you’ll get 1000 meseta at the end


that’s my CRT shader, it looks nothing like a real CRT but it gives me Good Vibes. I run the game at 4K, but I’m also running “Virtual Resolution” to lower the resolution to 960 x 540, an Extremely Normal Resolution that just happens to perfectly upscale to 4K. This happens prior to the CRT shader so everything is nice and chunky, then filtered through a 4K CRT shader.

anyway game is good, got to kill monsters, extremely chill vibes. it’s way too late i should be in bed lol


I don’t even like the game and I’d agree with this. Or at least split the honor with starcraft

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last time i did private psobb i got to the boss of ep4 i think (10 years ago damn)
all my vidcon bandwidth is online rpg these days, but if some studio revisited the exacting combat of pso with grace and good taste now i’d have to check it out

did anyone attempt a hi-res texture pack for this? seems like a thing that happens to old and kicking games of the era in this era