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join the screenshot club and post screenshots of the stuff you’re working on.

here is a somewhat incomprehensible screen of a top-down shooter prototype I made this afternoon. you’re the triangle, the watermelon coloured squares are walls, the purple squares are your bullets exploding on impact with the walls and the circles are your enemies. at this point it plays a lot like the old tank game “spectre”.


Sorry for the x-post from my dev thread. I just wanted to make sure I got notified when this thread was updated.


wow, that looks really cool in motion! the sprites look like toys now that they’re casting realistic shadows.


thanks @all_monsters! i’m trying to figure out the balance of having flat sprites and voxels. the main character right now is a flat sprite attached to a bow sprite whose angle depends on the player’s internal angle and a quiver sprite rotating around the player. it looks pretty dynamic this way.

i like the way a lot of your games look. do you have an itch account? or some other place with all your games?


thank you! I’ve only made the two things actually, the prototype I mentioned on SB1 and this one, so I’m too much of a rookie for an itch page or anything yet. I think I’ll try to work on this one to the point of it being something other people can play. I want to stop what I’m doing and go play it, so that’s probably a good indication it’s worth some of my time. I’m really excited to construct some different enemy types for it.

the bomb throwing/arrow shooting scene by the river in the moon fields is beautiful, looking forward to seeing more environments in that game.


Having an itch page for all your work is good practice for having an online portfolio. Even if you keep everything private, it’s a good way to look back at your work and also a way of keeping the quality up. Also when you’re rich and famous you just have to have your intern go into your itch account and just switch all those private toggles to public…


Arcade management simulator.

Been developing this off and on for, uh, a year and a half with help from @pattheflip (will he come to new SB?), it’s been slow going and I’ve been learning how to dev sim games in the process. It’s actually a lot more complex/involved than I was expecting and life things have been slowing stuff down drastically. Hoping to get this together this year.


This looks nifty, looking forward to updates


this looks cool, I hope it will include lots of pretend arcade game names.

@anothergod thanks for the tips, I’ll check it out


I decided I’m going to post all of my wacky screencaps here. My real ones will be posted and analyzed in The Moon Fields dev log proper.


anybody got any tips on making 60fps gifs?


Iirc the fastest display time per frame that’ll actually get displayed in Chrome, Firefox and Opera is 0.02 seconds, only 0.06 in other browsers

So you’re going to max out before 60fps, not far off though


oh that’s interesting, hadn’t considered browser limitations. not far off would be fine with me though. my problem is actually recording at 60fps in the first place, none of the free options I’ve found so far seem capable of it.


@drobe suggested a method for using ffmpeg to record the screen which would probably work for 60fps if you changed the parameters:


that looks like it will work, thanks!


good pictures!!

adding to the sprites-n-polygons club with pic of a fussy fake rpg i’m still playing around with

keep the spirit of lucienne’s quest alive…


that screen is beautiful, I always love seeing cross-section style views into rooms. also the dining car of a ghost train is a cool place.


W’re going to demo our first game at a bar tomorrow. We needed to make a sign, so. Sign.


While I’m still working on my fighting game thing, the other day, out of a longstanding interest in planetary engines, I was looking at Elite screenshots and wondering, really, how hard could that be? Well…

The fixed version looks a bit more mundane.


We dropped our GGJ game on our itch site. 4 player versus. Pretty simple, just kinda pretty. We’re going to refine this for a local gaming event. Essentially local versus Zelda at the moment, we’re hoping to add enemies soon.