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Experimenting with rigs in Blender. Today, a mouth. It’s weirdly creepy:


I’m playing yet again with my planet program, what with No Man’s Sky approaching, and I’ve added texturing and subdivision.

Next step will be to link the level of detail to the camera, then either add the actual procedural terrain and textures, or blow up the size of the planet and start overhauling and checking the whole thing so it can support astronomical sizes.


Two years and a half after I started porting my Nomad Soul model viewer from XNA to DX11, I finally went back to it and corrected the mesh loading bugs that had me stumped. I’m rather happy about it, though it’s still missing some basic usability features.

EDIT: oh hey a secret message. This is FF9 (for which I had also made a viewer and also found a message) all over again. It’s from the lead artist ot his graffiti crew.



This is a Lemmings-inspired thing I’m working on called Explobers.


I’m making an ocean wave shader, right now it’s bugged with those band patterns but the debug view is mesmerizing.


In many ways this is much less interesting but here’s the end product:


Something I’ve been working on where you can push and pull on metal parts of the environment.



I’m making a ZZT Snakelike.

nibblinscreen4 nibblinscreen1 nibblinscreen3 nibblinscreen2


















Is anyone interested enough in this that I ought to start a thread.

There is a gimmick…


I’d follow that.