SB game idea megathread


OG-Tomb Raider-style methodical 3d platformer set in Piranesi’s Carceri.

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Rome: The Sequel to Greece


tetris, but each piece is a vehicle that you’ve got to drive into place

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A Viscera Cleanup Detail expansion where you have to put back all the grass and pots after Link has been through


I can’t find it now but there’s a great bit of art someone made where all the bodies Mario leaves from tumbling offscreen on death just land off-screen and pile up and up, barely out of the camera’s view. You should have to clean those up, too.


a game about dinosaurs on the loose that isn’t over 20 years old
you have to play as the dinosaur too

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A game where you pilot a mech steering a giant ship. You can get out of the ship in the mech, then get out of the mech and be a little person on the ground, and then your brain can climb out of your head and go on adventures as well.


i was thinking more literal, that you’d be parking like, buses and trucks that happen to be tetromino-shaped in some kind of alley or something? and the camera would be behind the vehicle like in a regualr driving game. but this looks fun too.

anyway, a game like kuri kuri mix where you control a different character with each other the analogue sticks on your controller. but the two characters have to fulfill different missions and for some reason they’re not allowed to see each other, or they’ll kill each other.
i dunno, maybe one’s a montague and the other’s a capulet?

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We have to go deeper

just full-on Gurren Lagann player-piloting-a-mech-piloting-a-bigger-mech-piloting-a-bigger-mech-piloting-a-bigger-mech until you are the size of a galaxy

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Wario & Waluigi
Loser Star Saga

Wario is in Beanbean Kingdom because he stole some mail that had a treasure map in it, and he teams up with Waluigi who’s in jail there after getting catfished by Popple pretending to be a princess. At first they struggle to escape, but then Wario overhears about the volatile Mushroom-Beanbean exchange rates and hatches a sinister plan to take over the foreign exchange market. They work for/with Cackletta’s ambitious daughter, who can possess stuff, to conquer the kingdom and drain all its wealth.


You can pay money to skip battles, including bosses


Nintendo’s own Tingle game is such dark satire, made much better by charging at the front door for the cartridge

I’d ask for a modern free-to-play contextualization but Q Games’ near-company-destroying Tomorrow Children was the best F2P satire possible, as much for its incredible self as the amount of money and time it cost Sony


An adventure game about being an insurance adjuster investigating a series of warehouse fires in the 1970’s in the western states. Gameplay consists of a series of interviews- mostly occurring in authentically re-created hotel bars- where your interactivity consists of taking drinks, smoking cigarettes, and pausing to take notes, with the occasional dialogue choice. Fucking those up- accidentally lighting your moustache on fire or spilling a drink at the right time- might let you make or break the case.

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A video game called Drag-Car racing in which two-person teams consisting of a dragon and a human driver of a stripped-down hyper-lightweight dune buggy type vehicle race through open world terrain and the dragon has to periodically pick up the dune buggy and carry it across terrain the dune buggy can’t get past.


a game with the perspective of space invaders, but you’re in a no wave band and you have to come off a stage and beat up audience members who look like posers

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A game called Spin the EV+

You race cars on a giant spinning record, basically. There are power ups that increase or decrease the speed of the record, turn you invisible, switch your position with that of the closest enemy, or increase/decrease the mass of your vehicle. The goal is to be the last survivor not thrown off the edge of the record. So the overall incentive is to stay as close to the inside as possible, with occasional incentives to go further outside for powerups etc: most especially the switch positions power up, because if you grab one of those at the edge of the platform it’s basically an automatic win (but if you miss you’re screwed).



What about an oculus rift game called : Choculus Drift

In it

You sit in an inner tube and just float down a chocolate river

There are like mild interactive elements and things to see

But the main innovation is that you prepare a bowl of hersheys kisses before you start and you can eat from the bowl as you float down the river

Maybe also a glass of chocolate milk

The game kinda tracks how much of each you use, somehow

light augmented reality elements, in other words


Maybe you have a tray with identations for each kiss that acts as a circuit completeted by the foil.

The milk could be drunk through a straw that measures the force of the milk moving through a turbine far down the straw.

I have no idea why I thought about this.

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