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As far as I know this promotional video for the Joy (1989) live album is the only performance footage of Tatsuro Yamashita extant on the internet. He’s got some kind of personal no-film policy.

Update by some dude on discord, about an hour ago:

Tats’ concert film, originally released after the end of his tour in 2012(?), and only ever shown in theaters, is currently back for another run at, seemingly, only 4 theaters in the country until 5/24. Kudos to this guy for going at like 10am. Lucky.

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flabergasted by how hard it was to find this single from hiromi iwasaki online a couple months ago


Also posted previously but I am still listening to it:
A collection of Everly Brothers covers with Tatsuro as Phil and Eiichi Ohtaki as Don; performed live on NHK radio in 1981 (?).

This record is real solid fazed out rock and roll.


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The keyboard breakdowns in this PINK TANK song are cool, neat sounds.


hey everybody it’s your favorite alternate Outrun soundtrack

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luv all my bbs


Bonus disk from this compilation:

Special Bonus Disc
Q1 Ride On Time-Single Version
Q2 言えなかった言葉を-New York Version
Q3 Every Night
Q4 My Sugar Babe-TV Titleback
Q5 Ride On Time-Different Version (Demo)
Q6 Interlude I
R1 あまく危険な香り
R2 Sunshine -愛の金色-Live Version
R3 [夜のシルエット(仮題) “ブルー・ホライズン” 歌詞違い -“Blue Horizon” Different Lyrics
R4 Let’s Kiss The Sun-Live Version
R5 Interlude II

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Big Wave film, in full

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i would like some bar-end blinkers like that that is a good idea



The album consists of newly recorded versions of Little Richard’s hits, and is his last studio album as of 2019.

what on earth

Little Richard Meets Masayoshi Takanaka (1992) (VB0)!juISVISL!UeHlzugTphkJ10BzyrIRbg
Password is “cityp0p”

oh yes


Oh guess I will try to go to this.


what do y’all think about the new light in the attic compilation


i like the music and the way the package looks, i’ve read people complaining of bad pressings, i’d like to have a copy but don’t plan to buy in the near future
youtube upload missing essential banger L.A. Night