/// S Y N T H W A V E \\\


we need more synthwave linked around here, the 80s sound that never died

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Synthwave thread!



I haven’t filled up on this soundtrack in a year


I think The Diogenes Club is the only 80s-affect act I’ve taken to. Tbh I didn’t even realize that was their formal reference point until a few years down the line. A lot of these 80s throwback pieces have super boring monotonous basslines that put too much stock in “convincing sound” and sheer buzziness to do all the work, but one half of TDC is a bassist, and it really shows in the chromatic flexibility of many songs’ basslines



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I dunno if this counts as synthwave. But thought I should link it here, somewhere:

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My song of the moment (actually both songs):

(And also his two newest songs, which are free to download.)

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I really love his stuff. I own the Signal and Reality Check on vinyl, but everything else I have dug through on Spotify. Such good stuff.


Oh hey, I forgot we had a thread. If anyone else’s interests happen to line up perfectly, this is pretty good: