Synthwave thread!


I’ve been heavily into synthwave and I sometimes want to post videos. I don’t know where though so I thought of making it its own thread. Also, I want to discover more music this way because I’m sure y’all got some recommendations.

I’ll kick things off with the artists many consider to be the sythwave band, Carpenter Brut! One of their songs was used for the Youngblood trailer, so you might know it from there. (it’s called Turbo Killer) This is a really cool video by legendary TV channel arte, which should give you a nice overview. Enjoy!


My favorite synthwave musician is probably Pilotpriest. How can anything with album art like this not be good?

Perturbator has been a part of my rotation for a long time now.





re: first track in that video, is there a term for this flavour of songwriting which takes place heavily in the phrygian scale, with a chugging bassline and usually some kind of gated or arpeggiated synth accompaniments? something more specific than just “electro-rock”?


My musical vocabulary is limited to calling sounds “doots” and “beeps”, sorry!

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I swear, one day I’ll make a bbp’s toilet log thread and find every log’s already been logged by someone else. I’ll hop over to the other thread


i think when i try to describe things precisely i just make them sound more convoluted than they are, so don’t worry!