Retroid Pocket 2: The Thread

Mine is going to be Orange I ordered today. I hope we all like it.

Gonna play Minish Cap on it. And then try the random selection of built in roms. Then have too much time lost trying to get my own roms on it.


the price, combined with the video of dreamcast games working on it, have convinced me. i guess i’ll be able to afford one in early october, as long as i don’t buy any full price games in that time~

feel bad for my hacked n3ds though

this definitely feels like a scam, but i went for it anyway !!
looks comfier than my pspgo. i ordered pink.

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This is not a sponsored video … you can find coupon codes hidden throughout this review

Seems legit. :thinking:


i didn’t want to tell anyone but I got one as well

I got the orange one

I just want to play pokemon tcg without using my computer and I don’t have an android phone ok


Yeah, I ordered the blue one.

Then like twelve hours later they listed the cool looking PS2/PSX themed ones. Ah, well!

This is the third one of these sorts of things I’ve gotten and I am hoping this will be The One. Coming off the LDK Landscape (OK for some stuff, not great!) and the PocketGo V2 (pretty good!), this looks alright!!

Can’t wait to get to the same point I always get to in Super Mario World on this thing and then give up like I always do!

Saw some folks online say that Taki actually works for the company that makes this thing, which makes his video seem, uhhhhhhh, hmmmmm!!! At least the system itself seems legit.


Very curious about dolphin performance on this, if anyone feels like fucking around with it. there’s a special android build of dolphin i can send to anyone who cares to try it

This thing looks very appealing to hold.

falling deeper into this hole of chinese consoles, some of these ones that run ps2 games look incredibly unappealing to hold, but …

It’s such a great hole to fall down.
There’s some marvelous stuff, and seemingly endless variations on some of it.

There are really nice looking consolized Neo-Geo MVS systems that have both Sega Saturn and Neo-Geo controller ports. There is a variant of those which is also a Jamma super-gun too, just because.

I think one of my favorites to just marvel that it exists is this two player arcade machine emulator briefcase


does it come with any Retroidvanias


I wish the pictures on the store page would indicate which color is which name. Orange is pretty obvious, but RS and RS2? 8bit?

I have so many handhelds already and won’t be riding the bus for the foreseeable future, why am I tempted to buy one of these

if you click the colour selection, it should update the main picture. sort of regret not realising one of them was ps2 themed.

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you can play while watching tv


Do these seem like a thing that will only be available shortly around launch? I’m kind of in a wait and see state with it, but if these are just gonna be limited I guess I have to decide now.

the tech on these things has advanced so far so quickly that i think a more common worry is that it will be superseded by an even better and/or cheaper one, not so much that any particular model might not be available indefinitely. i wouldn’t worry about it from that perspective! if this one goes away, a better one will probably be available as well


it seems like there’s a significant breakthrough like every 4-6 months i think?


Ah that does make sense. Maybe I’ll wait a little longer too. The idea of a homebrew portable like this is an absolute dream.

When do these ship?

Looking at the blog post if you ordered them before today, they’re shipping now, if you order now they ship at the end of September

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