Red Dead Redemption 2


yeah installing this off a disc for well over an hour rules




[tim voice]



yeah I have been … near-repulsed(?) by the number of people I’ve seen talking about this game, which does reinforce my thinking that it is being effectively communicated as basically GTA


so the online will definitely be worse


has anybody written a thing about how quarter-munching golden age arcade games kind of predate upon the particular diminishment of impulse control when drunk on alcohol in a very similar way that current gen AAA games take advantage of the Extremely Stoned by basically being extremely placid yet spectacular feedback loops that encourage multi-hour sessions?

i mean, i guess that’s it, but i just feel like i’m on to something here


That’s an interesting thought!


I don’t know who Dane Cook is other than the name is familiar but he’s apparently a big deal and this legitimizes tim (pun intended) somehow, right? If so that’s great


everybody hates him


i don’t think tim needs legitimizing, but Dane Cook has over 3 million followers so it will definitely get more eyes on Timvids than the average kotaku video will (lol)


i never thought dane cook would win the louis ck / dane cook feud just by virtue of not being a sex criminal


Dane Cook was sort of like the Fortnite of comedy—he became far too popular far too quickly, and some would argue that he did that by being far too similar to one of his competitors.

in other news, I dusted off my Rockstar Social Club profile since I’ll be playing RDR2. I may have barely played any GTA Online, but making my silly little multiplayer missions made it all worthwhile. I’ll probably hold off on the multiplayer unless they come out with a similar feature again.


I beat Breath of the Wild, do I need to play any other open world game or am I good?


i fucking love dane cook


For a good time open up your podcatcher find the Daily Affirmation with Kris and Scott and listen to the episode Cooked.

Benjamin!! Benjamin!!


GTA4 and RDR1 are the most boring R* games and therefore the best


I agree this is interesting. It’s not explicitly discussed when talking about making games but the demographics of folks making games are extremely ‘middle-class white dude who gets stoned a lot’ so it colors what they think is cool.


People are complaining about how slow your dudes walking speed is and I kind of love it.

I feel like this game wants you to take your time getting places

That said the controls feel pretty bad/convoluted and I have a hard time getting my guy to do what I want him to do, so it is still a rockstar game I guess

Like the game tells me I can hold x to follow a guy I’m riding with and I do this but sometimes my guy will still run off the road anyway and I’m like wait did I do it right. I also had this problem in red dead one

Anyway the detail in this thing is staggering


a while back some russian guy hacked my rockstar account, made me quit the stealworkers, my own guild I built with my two hands, emptied my gta online bank account, and unfriended everyone I was friends with.

so if any of you playing the game run into this person

please extract vengeance on my behalf, thank you


One time Dane Cook made an MK reference and flubbed it. Lost all my attention since, but maybe dude’s brushed up on his revenant ninjas.