Red Dead Redemption 2

Looks gorgeous!

Hopefully the shot of the canoeing indicates you’ll be able to swim this time around.

i sort of wish someone would do a game like this but set during the CA gold rush, with an open world map that stretched from san francisco into the sierra nevada mtns

but i’ll probably have to settle for this:


I hope this isn’t about young marston and dutch’s gang

You mean Marston the Younger, Jack Marston, or Young John Marston? Because I’m holding out hope that it’ll be a tale about a slightly older Jack Marston becoming a little more world-weary through trial and tribulation but fully expecting it to be a John Marston Prequel.

Based on what appeared to be one or two electric street lamps in some of those towns in the trailer (around the 0:39 mark) I think it can’t be a prequel.

It could be. RDR took place in like 1912, right? Electric street lights were in use in some American cities by the early 1880s.

I’d think a jack marston game would have to be more about the transition from horse to automobile in crime, and criminals overpowering cops with thompsons and maybe jack marston being some older baron lamm type wild west holdover teaching the new young dillinger types bank robbery tactics in prison. but this looks set earlier than the first one. I didn’t find that supposed leaked map from a while back very encouraging since it had blackwater on it again (and the town from mafia 3 for some reason?). I don’t want the same old places and characters

i hope this gets heavy political

the ‘fedral gubmint vs western settlers’ backstory was the coolest thing about RDR imo


So the trailer is presented in that really widescreen cinema ratio and I was thinking just now wouldn’t it be cool if you could play the game that way? Like, if they had a dedicated “cinema mode” where you could play the game with that aspect ratio? I think that would be pretty grand.

There was a supposed leak from someone inside or close to Rockstar who said Red Dead 2 will have three playable protagonists like in GTA V and that none of them will be John Marston but rather members of Dutch’s gang (of which Marston was a member, obv.) though no word on whether or not the game takes place before or after Marston left the gang.

I would be okay with all of Rockstar’s open world action games having multiple playable characters from now on since it seemed to work well enough in GTA V, when the writing was up to the task that is. Purely in terms of how the three points of view were used to tell a video game story the game had a really strong first half and a really weak second half.

Maybe we’ll get to play a chick for once, eh?

I’m curious whether this will actually live up to its pedigree, given that it’s rockstar’s one really narratively and thematically unimpeachable production and it’s not clear how it happened in the first place; GTA has always oscillated between being straight goofy and HBO middlebrow stuff

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none of the silhouettes in the picture look like women so it’s probably all guy characters and some of them up close look like they could be dutch, marston, and williamson so it’s probably set in the gang’s heyday.

this is probably the game where after v and online and sharkcards rockstar finally goes off the rails and succumbs to the darkness without The Benz to steer the ship


I’d post the new screens but I’m at work.

huge sigh of relief just went up around the office here


didn’t even occur to me that this is the first game rockstar’s made that wasn’t also supposed to run on a 360 until I read the lede in that article

that seems remarkable!

it’s also a little off to me that at this point they basically have their separate “prestige” franchise but I have to admit that I’ve never enjoyed a single GTA game enough to complete more than enough missions to get the cheats yet I adored RDR

I just hope the difficulty curve isn’t as flat in this one

Just wonderin, are release dates that much set in stone beforehand, so that you cannot move/postpone it when its almost a year earlier?

I mean starting against this is a sure way to cannibalize your sales, by now you still have a year left, your shareholders surely would understand that you do not stand a chance to go against it, postponing might still be possible?
so… just sayin/wondering.

I’m from an industry where it is essential that customers get their product, so i know that its not that easy to push things back, granted. But its not like we’re starting against a new product that will outsell us by … idk, like a new star wars movie will outsell a french comedy flick on the first day of screening?
Just wonderin, or rather interesting!