Red Dead Redemption 2


excellent placement outside the wendy’s to attract the key demo of reverse weeaboos


If you just can’t wait to see more.


This got posted this afternoon but I finally sat down and read it. Great article and I’m glad it’s a conversation that’s happening. Because it isn’t just Rockstar or the video game industry that has a problem with their “work culture”. It’s every industry everywhere.


very simple answer right there: don’t work at rockstar. there’s plenty of companies that provide better conditions.


in a perfect world jesse kanda would be providing cowboy costume designs 4 this stupid earth-harming piece of software, but then again in a perfect world this piece of software would not exist


I told them to just hire Earth when me and Rudie talked about RDR1 in a way back HP episode, and they did not listen to me.


Kirin J Callinan + Alex Cameron imo





Spoilers the Xox version has the most resolutions and performance.

Also watched a bit of this during lunch.

Hot damn just five hours and 45 minutes until I can mosey on in from the trail and buy a hot bath. Also real spoilers New Austin from Red Dead 1 is actually in the game so that is totally a thing. Not sure if Mexico will return (maybe for Online?) but ho-lee shit they included New Austin with all the prior locales in addition to the new ones (that map that leaked a while ago was the real deal but some of the place names changed) I have lost my shit.

And I can’t leave out Rev. Petty.


There’s a companion app for this on mobile devices. It’s pretty nice. I’m reading the game manual right now. Going to sync it to my game and try out this whole second screen experience thing which mainly means I’ll turn off the minimap in the HUD and use my ipad to check the map. Unless it’s a battery drainer.

edit-I just read the part about caring for you horse. Just like with Arthur your horse will gain or lose weight depending on how often you feed it and the nutritional value of what you feed it.


So I partook in a midnight release for this game as A) it took place at 9PM EST for some reason and B) that happened to be around when I was finishing up my 11 hour shift at work.

Things worth knowing:

  • Maybe don’t do midnight/9PM game releases, at least not after standing around for 11 hours prior. It probably passed easier as my mind was already half-fried, but it gave me time to ponder things like “why am I doing this?” and so forth. I also didn’t talk to anyone, but I should say that the people in line weren’t nearly as bad as I feared.

  • The guy at work has had 4 360 games in his car for months now as somehow his young kid ended up with them and they were way too mature for him (one of them was GTA San Andreas which… yeah I wouldn’t let a 6 year old play either). He found out I was going to pick it up tomorrow (which ended up being tonight) and asked me to just trade them in and take whatever pittance was offered. I did so and they wouldn’t even take 3 of them as the computer said they were worth 50 cents each, and they only take back games worth at least $1.50. I think this means he is stuck with CODBLOPS3 forever.

  • I didn’t get to play the game as it does in fact come on two discs, and loading the data onto the PS4 took a good 90 minutes or so. Fortunately if there was a day 1 patch it was picked up sometime during that.

  • I spent my 90 minutes waiting for it to load finishing up Super Castlevania IV via the Wii U virtual console. I thought it was a bit on the easy side for most of my time with it but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the final stage or two really packed a mean punch. I kept thinking “damn, this is taking too long” and then checking how RDR 2 still hadn’t loaded up and then going “I guess it isn’t taking too long”. I failed a lot and truth be told my performance was aided by using a restore point on the first B boss as my controller happened to die on me when I had said boss low on energy, and the Wii U doesn’t pause when the battery goes out on you. This is the main reason why the system failed. Anyways I killed dracula so everyone is safe for another hundred years. You’re all welcome.

  • My first impressions of RDR 2 hence get a score of Super Castlevania 4 out of 10.


What isn’t a battery drainer on the POS fucking garbage known as the iPad? (I have one and am gonna check out the app, but by god every time I use this thing, or my iPhone, I want to destroy it. Apple: never again. Android: install linux kernel.)


I liked the Kotaku review of this game and the 3.5 review that is making nerds and bad faith actors scream.

There are a lot more RDR2 signs in Tokyo will be interesting to see what the sales numbers (minus amazon and digital) are next week.


Reminder that fucking GTA V sold 100,000,000 copies. I don’t think Red Dead is quite as universal but it’s gonna be fucking dumb regardless


I really want to get a Switch just to play BotW at some point (also cuz a Switch just scores major cool points in my book), but as far as cool points go, one hour in, RDR2 makes the whole thing look fucking effortless. As if it just automatically SELECTS Cutthroats Nine as its inspiration. I get why Slant gives it 3.5 for social conmentary (although I do find it weird that a site once known for esoteric film journalism is now getting bashed by ex-CoD dudebros) but who the balls plays games for social commentary? I’m about an hour in, a couple whiskeys (in game and out) and I can’t wait to see what this mystical games’ open-world has in store.

Edit: Multiple edits for grammar and punctuation.

Double edit: This feels so different from the first (second) one. You can see the leap from RDR to GTAV, but this just feels like a whole other ballgame as far as immersiveness and videogame escapism. Whereas the first game got up close and personal immediately with camera angles that scream THIRD-PERSON VIDGAME, the camera positioning of this game posits its own environment as as much a character as Arthur himself; it feels more cinematic than literally any other videogame by a country mile.

Triple edit: This is the most boring videogame of all time and I fucking love it/wouldn’t ask for anything else!

Quad edit (the most mild of spoilers): I died trying to kill a bear during the second mission. Obviously, you’re not supposed to. But when I respawned, there was no bear. And the dialogue was completely different. Yes, I will be very, very likely replaying this; maybe even more than once. This is another R* masterclass in game design and while I feel a little bad putting Persona 5, another masterclass, on the shelf for now, RDR2 currently feels like nearly everything I’ve ever wanted in an open-world (i.e., R*) videogame. Also the PS4 controller light is red.


“i was moved and i orgasmed” - every RDR2 review.


I’m hearing the Polygon review is basically one big spoiler, so maybe avoid that if it crosses your path and such things matter to you.

  • i do play games for their social commentary
  • the one really cool thing rockstar does is make shit deliberately boring and tedious and i wanna play gta iv: 2 now
  • can this be the last cinematic/“lifelike” game ever made


Well american2004, I’m not expecting RDR2 to do/say anything “socially” that decades of Western movies haven’t already done. Because that’s not the point, as cool as it may seem to be.