Red Dead Redemption 2


what is it like to be this good at videogames




Really impressed your hat didn’t fall off when you did that roll.

I just got to chapter 6 and this is now probably my favorite game of all time.

I also made a character for online but only played up just past the part where it lets you pick your clothes and then tells you to go meet some dude. But I said nah I can’t be meeting any new people just yet. I have to see how the people I know already turn out. Arthur is sick and John’s in jail, other people are dying left and right, and I’m having some serious second thoughts about how I handled that debt collection from the Downes family.


(Please note I’m not endorsing the badwrong opinions regarding work culture and political correctness some of these guys express in this video I only shared it because seeing Jim struggle at the beginning to play the game was funny don’t @ me)


Finally, Red Dead Redemption 2 provides a fishing minigame that most authentically combines the tedium, exhaustion, and frustration with one’s equipment that real fishing provides.


Tilt down on the stick to lift your pole up while you’re reeling in your catch. Stop reeling when you feel the line is about to break but don’t let your pole drop back down, then when the fish tires and the tension lessens start reeling again.


Played the online with my nephew for a while tonight. Connection issues abounded, it’s a beta etc. Also like GTA V it’s a grind-y treadmill to make the money to get the weapons and gear you want.

In conclusion:


Yeah, I was doing that, and it’s fine for the smaller fish I was catching on my earlier trip with Dutch and Hosea. I’m on a trip with Kieran, though, and after my first cast I have spent 25 minutes trying to reel in my catch, it keeps getting closer and then struggling further away. Guides recommend clicking in the right stick and pulling to one side to tire it out faster and prevent it from getting too much further away. Which I started dog for the last ten minutes, but I made no more progress using those recommendations than I did when I simply repeated the technique I used to catch 15+ fish prior to this point. It’salso really reinforced how much I hate the “spin the stick” style of control interactions. No matter how fast I rotate the stick counterclockwise, Arthur’s reeling is really slow. I can’t tell whether it’s a controller malfunction or simply poor feedback in the game mechanics.


I had the same issue doing a stranger mission where you catch a legendary fish and it was exhausting. I was making no progress and finally gave up and let it go, then tried again. The second time for whatever reason doing the exact same things was more fruitful and only took a few minutes.


Can you put the fish in a barrel and shoot them?


I played some more online with my nephews. This time they brought their xbox and an extra tv over and we set it up right next to mine in my room, using our internet over here. No connection issues this time. Still lots of odd bugginess due to being a beta though, like starting a mission and having it begin for one player while the other is still stuck in the cutscene for it (complete with other player’s avatar hanging out with yours).

That said the mission structure is kind of neat in the online. They’ve got yellow blip main story missions and then a ton of orange Stranger mission blips. The stranger missions are all characters from the singleplayer like in GTA Online, and the story appears to be taking place alongside the story from the singleplayer.

And when you go back to the same Stranger blips it’s not just the same mission repeated it’s another new mission in that particular person’s mission thread. So that’s intriguing, that they’re putting all this effort into the online having as much of a story as the singleplayer. This is pretty much the same way they did it with GTA though so that’s kind of to be expected.

But sometimes we had to do a mission with some randos because there were only two of us playing at a time and some missions required four people, and the randos almost always wanted to skip the cutscenes but whatever. I guess that’s what youtube is for and anyway most of the stranger mission cutscenes are just bare bones setup stuff for why you’re going to point a to do stuff and then travel to point b.

Still trying to finish all the singleplayer stranger missions available to me in chapter 6 before pushing forward with the main story because some of those are time sensitive and you can miss them if you push ahead with the main plot (likely because those particular strangers are tied to the main plot in one way or another).

I probably will play the online since I love the world of this game so much and there’s a chance they’ll add Mexico to the map at some point. But I don’t know if I want to spend a lot of time on it during the beta because they’ll likely reset it at some point and I might lose all my progress.

But I had a good time with it today. Me and my oldest nephew formed our own little posse when we started and someone tried stealing my horse so we chased him down and shot him. Then we decided to just grief him every time he spawned by running over him with our horses. After we did that four or five times someone from his posse put a bounty on us for our assassination and tried to take us out but we fought them off and outlasted them (bounties only last for like 15 minutes) and they eventually ran off and left us alone. Outlaws to the end.


So I just got to chapter 6. I thought I was already at chapter 6 but apparently I was still at the end of chapter 5. It’s a good thing I’m not in any big hurry to finish this game because it’s a really long game. There’s a two part epilogue after this chapter that’s effectively two more whole chapters. That’s a lot of game right there. And as far as I can tell there’s no way to see how much time you’ve actually spent playing.


Is it possible to wander around and enjoy the environment and whatnot in the online, like you could at times in the original? does the mood and ambiance of the western setting calm peoples baser sociopathic instincts? or does the popularity of the game, it being the latest rockstar thing, and the times we live in of wandering gangs of 15-30 year old incel fascist terrorists all combine to make it into a total shitshow like gta online?


Honestly after that one incident I described it was pretty smooth sailing. When we did see people in the free roam they were just passing through on the way to somewhere else and mostly didn’t bother us. Towns were different, there was almost always someone causing trouble in the towns.

Well, actually there was one other incident. See, there’s a train that rolls around and you can rob it and drive it if you want. By the time we got in the session it had already been robbed and was just sitting dead on the tracks so my nephew wanted to take it and drive it to his camp and load it up with deer pelts and whatnot to take and sell (he wanted to get a bow and arrow so he was spending the whole time trying to figure out the quickest way to make easy money).

So we grab the train but since he only has one bullet left he drives and I hang out on the back on guard. Since you can’t drive the train in reverse (only in online though it can be driven in reverse in single player) we have to take the scenic route to camp and basically drive around the whole map.

While we’re doing that I was on the back platform at the end car just hanging out when another player comes riding up. We figured grabbing the train would draw attention from others so I was on guard. This guy waved at me (there’s emotes you can do) so I wave back. Maybe he wants to be friends? Nope he pulls out his lasso and drags me off the train, but I break free fairly easily and shoot at him. He runs off, I get back on the train, we stop in Saint Denis so my nephew can restock his ammo, which went fine because we were the only ones in that part of the map, then I drive the rest of the way uneventfully to the camp.

We did not end up selling any pelts or any of that.


I so want to call this game Red Dead Revolver 3: Red Dead Redemption 2: Red Dead Online. Just like they did in the beginning with Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight. At some point you had Jedi Outcast and you could have just strung along game titles like crazy


Looks like Tim made the same kind of joke a day ago!


Linking isn’t endorsement etc. Just thought it was a good piece of criticism.


i sold this, only lost £8 on it


what a wrongheaded article


Yeah I have not spent a moment in this game that I was not absolutely in love with.