Red Dead Redemption 2


Wow, that’s a pretty bold claim! I’m intrigued


open world theatrebox?


Max would definitely be working for Bolsonaro, at least to start


nooooo. max payne 3 is a galaxy brain meme where he starts out miserable killing poor favela kids before finally moving up the chain and realizing his hearts true desire, which is being miserable but loving it while killing cops and death squads, which is really secretly unconsciously taking revenge for law enforcements failure to keep his wife alive from the schemes of a billionaire.

now he’d be hired by some local leftists so he can take the hit so they can make the play.


Very Expensive Puppet Theatre


i played the hell out of this all weekend and i’m only at like 33% in the story and yeah my enthusiasm is kinda waning too. so many slow horse rides listening to mostly uninteresting dialogue. i’ll definitely stick with it but it’s starting to drag.


from what i’ve read about this game (mostly here), it isn’t really the kind of game you can - or rather should - binge?

note that i want to be the last person to tell anyone how to do their gaming, but considering what the game offers/seems to be about, it doesn’t look like rushing through it during a weekend is the way it is meant to be played™.

disclaimer: i rushed through SotC during my... phew... 7th? run, setting myself a target of doing it in less than 5 hours, so... yeah, i've seen the other side too, and it made me realize that you can do that if the game permits it, i.e. if it adds some urgency that works in the setting of the game, but you shouldn't if the game tries to evoke a way much greater sense of duration in gameplay (say, tidus' journey in FFX or FF15).

n. b.
i am fully aware that maybe people consume games like this nowadays and taking your time over weeks/months is an ancient concept of yore, so consider this contribution an old man rambling about how WE did play when WE were young, and going on about it forever and ever and ever and ever…


Yeah I mean why is the dialog so low key boring? They’ve got a lot of should be interesting characters


in general, not binging on games will lead to better experiences overall.

i will take my time with it for sure (a year most likely).


Disappointed that no one mentioned the beard tech in this. You can set the facial hair length for chin, chops and mustache individually!

Not that you need it because full beard is always the way to go but still



What the heck is your guys expression right there?


Well maybe I just screencapped it badly from the video but yeah


watching this this game has already done the “press X to Jason” bit twice

EDIT: the second time’s legit funny though

EDIT2: “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!” lol


sometimes it feels like i really am a cowboy times voyeur and i feel a little gross for watching all these people live without them knowing


Yeah that and all the stuff with the clothing is going to really appeal to online players when that comes around. IIRC it’s got options for how unbuttoned you want your shirt to be, etc.


I think it wouldn’t feel so bloated and dull if they didn’t feel like they had to fill every single second with talking, not to mention jumping from one subject to the next without a breath.


that’s especially egregious in the bath scenes where Arthur is getting washed by a woman. they seem to just jump between random lines. gave me a real American Psycho vibe.

and the foam in the tub looks wack as fuck, what the hell??? who was in charge of that lol


if this little sequence at the camp of people drinking and singing songs together didnt cost a billion dollars to make i would be on the verge of tears at how beautiful it is


You can rest assured that it probably didn’t cost that much because the people who made it were not adequately compensated