Recommend/talk about (mostly) non-mainstream films!


No it’s The Beast I put it right there in the post.


This is weird and sad. I guess it’s good I stopped reading his stuff years ago when he was just coining zen pulp.


i like both of these movies more for their atmosphere and art design than the plot i guess, but the stories in kwaidan are also good.

kuroneko i’ve only seen once so i don’t have many memories of it, but iirc the sound design is really good and creepy. it also has lots of good translucent fabrics and other fun light things

kwaidan, in addition to being really beautifully photographed + having amazing sets and art design in general (esp. the snow woman one), is also probably one of the most successful film adaptations of that particular kind of literature, and it’s something that’s not easy to do. though admittedly i haven’t seen many other japanese movies like that. in chinese versions they tend to either add tons of unnecessary plot details to make it more into a melodrama, or in the really successful cases (basically all king hu movies) just make everything extremely slow and atmospheric so the sense of creepiness just gradually builds. i like kwaidan because the plots themselves stay kind of simple, even if everything still moves pretty slowly.

the hoichi the earless segment is basically the most My Shit thing every put on film so i feel like i can’t really explain why it’s good persuasively

but i always kind of get exhausted by the last one, i always forget it’s there


I think this sums it up better than I would have been able to at this time.
Kwaidan does kind of feel a bit tiring by the time it gets to the last story, so I kind of feel like it should have been left out or placed earlier. But I guess that would spoil the whole ‘four seasons’ theme each story has.




Oh shit, good call.

Watch White Tiger tho


by the way, if you like Kwaidan, it’s worth tracking down the old Shaw brothers movie “Fairy, Ghost, Vixen,” which is another anthology type movie, adapted from a collection of Chinese stories that is pretty similar to the Lafcadio Hearn tales used for Kwaidan. It is 100% not as good a movie, but it provides a good contrast of how many different ways there are to adapt this kind of thing.


i still listen to all the factual opinion shows :dansemacabre:


Shifting/split identities: Persona, 3 Women, Celine and Julie Go Boating, Mulholland Drive (probably every post-FWWM Lynch feature)


Specifically the TV edit from the Blu Ray though.


I’m not sure how non mainstream they are given that they’re like the first Google result for good movies but the Chungking Express / Fallen Angels duology is really great. I think of them as being romance movies with the soul of an action movie? I feel like it says something that I almost only watch movies about guns, fists and knives and I lo v v v e it. And they’re the most beautiful movies I’ve seen.


Really liked F for Fake


Chungking Express / Fallen Angels

Wong Kar-Wai are the only movies I like to put on and ignore; the best feelings fall out of my TV



Electric Dragon is one of my all time favorite movies.


Sogo Ishii did this great concert film/long-form music video with Einsturzende Neubauten
(rough VHS rip)


Baby Driver: I liked it
Spiderman: I wanted to like it
Dunkirk: Left early
Return of the revenge of the planet of the rising apes:Very Depressing

See baby driver


Mine too. I have the Discotek release that includes the soundtrack but it doesn’t include all the songs from the movie. I eventually tracked down the other album releases by Mach 1.67 and the “Star Burn” EP from 2000 contains the missing tracks! I should put them up somewhere for posterity.


THE CRY OF JAZZ (1958-9?). Not amazing film making but an electric polemic with superb footage.


If you want an essential “Sunday dinner in Eastern Europe” experience, starting with a stressful drive to the family patriarch’s house and ending with shared laugh at the absurdity of family life:

If you want the best breakup movie that ever existed (don’t believe those who say it’s about mourning):

If you want a masterfully executed comedy which is always bursting with kinetic energy and probably served as a basis for Dougie Jones’ subplot in latest Twin Peaks:

If you want to see pure display of the power of cinema which consists of (among other things) Kylie Minogue having a tearful parting with her lover, mocapped CGI monsters copulating in most bizarre ways and the best accordion performance ever recorded with a camera:

If spending 80 minutes in a moody, neglected cinema building where almost nothing ever happens sounds relaxing to you: