Recommend/talk about (mostly) non-mainstream films!


Oh man, I didn’t know they did a release with at least a partial soundtrack. I have some mp3s from forever ago but that’s it.


[for the sake of thread revival]

today i watched jarmusch’s strangers in paradise. the film is so . . . comfortable to watch. the dialogue has this kind of slow-burn effect, it’s kind of morose at times in a grossly realistic way.

it is structured in two ways: in three main acts and in this succession of blackscreens that show up between scenes. the scenes themselves are like little sketches, with very little action or camera movement or cuts. but somehow these blackscreens and the sharpness of frame composition make it super engaging! it’s like a compilation of tiny stories that build a larger narrative.

i’ve never seen a jim jarmusch film but i’m really intrigued to learn more, now


You have just very eloquently described basically the entire oeuvre of Jim Jarmusch, so if you liked that then you should definitely check out his other work. Coffee and Cigarettes is fun as a series of little comfortable vignettes where different characters have interesting conversations in a cafe.

Down by Law is my favorite Jarmusch, so I gotta recommend that. He applies his jazzy style to a prison break movie, starring Tom Waits… Hell yeah.


well then, it’s settled~!


Dead Man still owns. seconding Down by Law. The Limits of Control is an interesting exercise in detachment


Only Lovers Left Alive is maybe the coolest film ever and there’s not much more to it than that but that’s ok


Not a movie but watch the fishing with john episode with jim jarmusch


The block of cheese and the wooden legs line are two of my all time favorite things.


I thought the wooden legs line was on the dennis hopper episode? But yeah that one really stuck with me


I keep meaning to see this if only because I really like this John Foxx track which has nothing to do with it:


Oh you’re right!

I haven’t seen it since it first aired on IFC, but I’m glad the dearly departed Hulu/Criterion deal seems to have given it a second wind online a couple years back.


Did Lurie ever confirm that he got lime disease filming that though? That’s the one bummer about that show.


there was a 3 year gap between the end of fishing with john and the documented start of his lyme disease so its possible that’s what happened but unlikely.


You know how sometimes you get a phrase stuck in your head for life?

Whenever I’m trapped in a taxing situation I hear in my head the inner monologue voice of Jim Jarmusch saying “Why am I here?” from his episode of Fishing with John.


If Sqürl comes to your town, you ought to check them out.


@WinonaGhostRyder shared some movie recs way back in 2012(?) which I am indebted to for getting me some real Film Cred.

El Aura


chameleon street (1989) - a guy who hates his job assumes various disguises to move in parts of society that were previously closed off to him. that’s a really bland description - this film rules go see it

the shout (1978) - weird english folk horror featuring one of my favourite depictions of magic onscreen. also has alan bates and john hurt

throw down (2004) - i love basically all johnnie to movies but this one is about judo and friendship and akira kurosawa

mikey and nicky (1976) - peter falk and john cassavetes wander around philadelphia and argue. incredible movie, directed by elaine may who deserved better than she got.

august in the water (1995) - not even sure how to describe this one. disaster movie + ecology lesson?

girlfriends (1978) - like decoding the rosetta stone but it just says FRANCES HA in block capitals over and over

love massacre (1981) - bright white colours obscure the subs. cool movie about a…love…massacre.