Recommend/talk about (mostly) non-mainstream films!


death bed: the bed that eats


Aguirre: The Wrath of God

Where Is My Friend’s House?


Miracle Mile


miracle mile rules

it is also filmed in a neighborhood i lived in for many years though so i’m biased


This is an excellent phrase. What’s the zen pulp canon look like?


The Conversation


They make a good double feature.


it begins and ends with seijun suzuki imo


I googled “sean witzke zen pulp” and didn’t get his blog post coining the term. Someone help


9th Company? It’s bad tho

White Tiger is the Russian war movie you want (after Come and See, anyways)


I think he hates all his old writing and took it down.

Pretty sure he’s massively depressed and hates everything and everyone in the world though.

I finally stopped listening to the podcast because he became too hateful even for me, a true hater who hates just all the time.


This being here and not with the other movie stuff is setting my OCD off something fierce.


White Tiger is about an amnesiac who can talk to tanks hunting down a German Tiger tank that might be a ghost ya’ll


Escape From the Planet of the Apes


pardon me I had to laugh at that - Jay Z


static (1986)
split image


Pale Flower
Save the Green Planet!


Sell me on kuroneko and kwaidan. They both old and very slow and I had felt like I slightly wasted my time when they were over.

Kwaidan Was a film that I got halfway through watching before remembering I had watched it for a class.


Now none of them are on hulu!


Being There
Grand Budapest Hotel
Mad Max Fury Road Black and Chrome edition


A super weird and funny feature-length satire of American right-wing conspiracy theories, composed entirely of found footage from everywhere, mostly B movies and news reports. The manic narrator whispers a reimagined history of 20th century US interventions in Latin America where our leaders couldn’t possibly have been at fault, it was all the work of aliens!

Edit: Looks like someone has put the whole film up on Vimeo! It looks like it’s kind of a rough VHS rip, but that actually suits the film really well.


Fantastic Planet / La Planete Sauvage