Recommend/talk about (mostly) non-mainstream films!


Just means you need to watch the others!


That’s true


I’m surprised more people don’t like Knowing starring Nicolas Cage, I saw it when it came out and I thought it was brilliant.

Tokyo Drifter is old, cult, and foreign.


Oh shit, Ninja III is out??


err… 1984 Ninja III. Don’t be discouraged though! The “evil” ninja kills twenty cops on a golf course during the opening scene. It’s good.


Can’t go wrong! Works for me


Pawn Sacrifice
Summer Wars
The Raid 2




can we preserve this thread? always after a list of things to watch


Hard Boiled

That’s it honestly


Zeiram and Zeiram 2


The Deadly Art of Survival
Anything by Carl J. Sukenick
This thing, featuring me:


Ok also

Ghost Dog
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
High Plains Drifter
The Killer

It is me, the guy who still only cares about zen pulp


In a quasi zen pulp vein,

Michael Clayton, the only decent movie about lawyers.


Breaking The Waves
Stalker, Solaris, and any other Tarkovsky you haven’t seen
8 1/2
Leviathan (the sensory ethnography lab production with the blackletter typeface for the title)


Just thought of some real good’ns!

Turtles Can Fly
Favorite Scene (out of context; not really a spoiler):

The Face of Another
The best set design I’ve ever seen.

Another Iranian movie. The trailer just makes up a plot (don’t watch it), and no one scene comes to mind. But it’s basically the most perfect meditation on “The One Who Got Away” feelings I’ve ever seen.


oh wow actually i just found a txtfile i made of sbutt community reccs years and years ago and i’ve seen them all now except our lady of the turks and cockfighter

so get on those probably


battle of algiers
i :heart: huckabees


Oh shit war movies

Come And See
Master & Commander (it really isn’t Gladiator with boats, it’s good)
That one about the Soviet tank crew in Afghanistan, what the hell was it called oh yeah The Beast
Sword of Gideon is straight up propaganda about the Israeli hunting and killing of the Munich terrorists and it’s so refreshing next to Spielberg’s disingenuous monsterpiece
Das Boot is pretty good I guess


Karate Kid 1 and 2
Point Break
Dirty Dancing
Road House
Imagarium of Dr. Pernasus