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Im actually gonna say you should definitely start with Bloodborne, just beware it will spoil you for the rest of them

You can play the early game mostly in the same way as you should any first Souls game – really slowly and carefully and paying close attention. Just, be mindful that it will ramp up and expect more guts from you later on (in both senses of the word)

im up to maybe the hardest part of any of the games ive played yet and im still having a great time :slight_smile:

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Well it was partly tongue in cheek but 1. i think it’s a brilliant game and the most vital of the 3 you can get on PS4 (tho the other two are perfectly decent and worth playing) and 2. Bloodborne demands more of your reflexes and is based around what would be considered an advanced play style in the other games (no shield, light armor, fast dodging and parrying) so i could see it becoming a “weight training in higher gravity” scenario.


Has it ever occurred to anyone that “bayone tta” sounds like the name of a fictional eastern seaboard transit authority


no but i’ve thought about what a Cambodian-Japanese fusion soybean dish might be like


what’s the deal with breath of the wild emulation?
i still have a wiiu boxed up ready to sell when i can be bothered, is it worth digging that out for one last run or should i just wait until shin megami tensei 5 comes out and i inevitably cave in for the switch version?

it’s been the focus of the Cemu authors since it came out and is seemingly playable from beginning to end

you can go on over to reddit where they have a subreddit dedicated to sharing shader caches and grab one and then you’re mostly set

I need to mess with Cemu again

Is Nioh a good game and should I get it?

How do I stop trying to play Ridge Racer V like OutRun 2006?

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use a jogcon


A Negcon’s way more appealing though…

My local GameTraders has Conker’s Bad Fur Day for N64 for $349 AUD, is that normal?




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I’ll sell it to you for half that >_>

I don’t really want to buy it, just somewhat baffled that that game in particular would be worth almost as much as a current gen console. The box wasn’t even in good condition

They also had Shining Force 2 for $99, which is a lot less crazy but still seems steep for a Mega Drive game you can get on Steam for a few bucks

Well I remember when I bought it, which was the day it came out, I also bought another N64 and it was the last bunch they were selling here, and it cost like $30 or something. So I imagine it was a pretty small run.

I beat it happily like five months ago in cemu (right after selling my wiiu because I did not expect it to be good) and it’s only improved since

Yes. The Xbox version also commands a high price.

Has saturn emulation reached the level of mednafen for psx?

No. But it is good enough to play pretty much anything.

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Did you kids behave while we were away?