Quake Champions Open Beta

Anyone else playing? I have no idea what, exactly, I’m allowed to say since they made all the ‘testers’ agree to an onerous NDA and banned screenshots and streaming and discussion, so I’ll say that I played it a bit tonight and will play a bit more this weekend and would enjoy meeting up with some SB folks online.

I’m “Porphyrin” on Bethesda.net (jfc did they really need to clone Battle.net, er, Blizzard App, complete with an online CCG?).

I keep getting too tired to try this but I have it installed! Hoping for “the multiplayer experience that doom should have had”.

I will ambiguously answer ‘yes, basically’ to avoid legal repercussions.

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i liked the doom multiplayer :confused:

are you sure you weren’t confusing it with the single player? since no one else was playing it?

does this burn work

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Will a rabid Quakeworld dm player dig it?

as a rabid quakeworld dm player trying to be as vague as possible in case some bethesda jerk sees this:

i think so but weapon balance is very odd and needs some work

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I am way into this idea.

The CCG is actually alright btw

EDIT: Oh, I didn’t realize it was a closed beta. I’ll post here if I get invited

It’s not particularly closed. If you sign up you’ll get an invitation quite rapidly.

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Yeah I signed up right when I wrote that post. No dice so far though

@dongle @CourierRice @idiot I just got my invite, anyone up for some “killing clint a whole bunch in Quake Zone ™” this weekend?

I’m in the uk so probably not
I do have some codes if anyone still wants one

assuming my invite is still good, deffo

yes please

I’m out for this and the next weekend due to finishing my MFA :frowning:

sent a pm, you redeem them somewhere on bethesda.net

Won the very first deathmatch I played. Haven’t done nearly as well in subsequent ones.

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I’ve got this installed, I’ll post something here when I’m playing on Saturday. My, uh, Bethesda Tag or whatever is VirtualClint. I have no idea how friends work on this thing though.

I really want to talk about some specifics of this game. I have questions!