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He is, definitely. He even was fun to watch in the silly angle with him and R. Truth being teamed up. Something in the Runnels family gene pool makes them able to work ridiculously well with anything you throw at them, but Vince doesn’t like letting them go with stuff.


Well I’m actually much cooler on Cody compared to most, he’s not bad or anything but I think he generally needs to have something over the top like the faceguard/Doom complex or Stardust to lean on as when just himself he lacks a certain something.

That of course excludes his tag team run with Goldust which was amazing, but I mean it had Goldust of course it worked well.

BTW, I’m likely gonna watch Mania regardless but I’d have been happier to watch it if it was Strowman/Taker instead…




I don’t know what this is but I need it in my veins immediately


It’s here


Goldberg should retire undefeated. I’ll fight anyone who disagrees.


i agree with 75% of your statement.


I’d just rather not have Brock as the champion again soon. Let goldberg win and have him retire the next night.


Putting the belt on Goldberg is a mistake and having him lose to Brock is an even bigger mistake.

I don’t watch WWE but I did see Goldberg vs Brock and it was probably the first pure feel good moment that company’s had this century. But the company is run by literal fascists so of course they’re gonna close the biggest show of the year with the kind-hearted Jewish Superman is losing to the sociopathic Aryan monster. Makes sense.

If they want to feed Brock to Roman, well, that ship’s sailed and they shoulda done it 2 years ago. That Rollins cash-in was a huge mistake as it spoiled a great match and resulted in maybe the worst title run in company history. (Maybe Rey’s was worse? I barely remember it, but it probably was. Misbooking Rey is criminal, as he coulda meant huge, huge money and he’s top 5 all time. Rollins is…wildly overrated, if you ask me, so mishandling him isn’t a big thing.)

Nothing WWE does matters cuz it is very bad and I’m ashamed that I wrote this many words about it but boy you just have Goldberg beat a bunch of dudes, and turn Roman heel and have him beat a bunch of dudes, and then you have something people care about. Or hell, replace either guy with Braun. It’s all the same shit, who cares.


I just don’t even know why they thought the Goldberg/Brock match needed the belt at all. It didn’t. The SummerSlam match didn’t, and neither does the Mania one. It’s a waste of an already tenuous title that would have been a whole lot more meaningful in the JeriKO match, for example. All that the GBrock match needs is Goldberg to be in decent shape to go solid for like 10 minutes, which he still hasn’t done since coming back. Give him the win at the end of it, no problem there, but just make it a solid match and people will be pumped. Neither of those dudes benefits from having the strap.

I enjoyed the Rollins title run (though they didn’t know where to go with it, which was a problem), though it meant they continued to botch Roman’s whole storyline, which is becoming sadly expected there. I feel bad for Roman as a person because of how much they’ve fucked his whole career by trying to push him too hard at the wrong time instead of letting it build naturally. Also for not understanding how letting that guy go Tru Heel early on would have made him a star, and let him face turn way later. Hell, if they had just maneuvered Roman into the Rollins angle instead of Rollins, he would be on top of the company, and I think Rollins could have worked Roman’s line better than he has to still be high up as well. They just really did not get what to do with the Shield once the band broke up at all.


Rumor has it that the main event of next year’s WM is Roman Vs Brock to make roman the babyface face of the company instead of Cena. This ship has already sailed and is pretty dumb.


Why do they do this? :frowning:


Because no one gets to tell Vince what to do and who to promote


Yeah, tbh, I am amazed that HHH gets as much control over NXT and such as he does, and whoever gets to run Smackdown is getting to do that (it’s probably in part Vince, but it feels different enough that there’s gotta be someone else involved) because Vince loves dropping the iron fist of McMahon all over Raw.


From my understanding, Smackdown has the guy who used to write NXT as the head writer but the final call of matchups is all up to Vince for both Raw and Smackdown. Keep in mind this is all hearsay and I have nothing concrete to back it up.


That seems to explain Smackdown pretty well, yeah. It would explain the weird half-Vince feel, and how they try to sneak shit in under the radar on it.


Raw feels like they are throwing everything against the wall for three hours a week to see what sticks and then still doing the same stuff that sucks over and over again.
Smackdown feels more efficient and has character motivations that are consistent week to week.



Are people planning on watching Wrestlemania on Sunday? How are you watching the 18 straight hours of matches and preshow?

Also: WWE Announces WrestleMania 33 Theme Will Be Springtime In Paris


I just found out it was Brock Lesnar who broke the Undertaker’s streak what a crock of shit