Post your Unique Retroarch Problems Here

I had a joke before but then I went to play Episode I Pod Racer and now retroarch won’t launch games for me.

here are my current unique problems

  • won’t recognize my xbone controller as an xbox controller sometimes so if I’m switching between my saturn pad, my new saturn pad, and my ps3 pad depending on the console it will make me redefine inputs everytime…sometimes.

  • similarly only sometimes recognizes my new saturn pad as retrobit and sometimes as an xbone pad and come on y’all

  • PS1 and Saturn emulation runs at 70% on the new build but at full speed with shaders on my old build so I have two installs

  • God Retroarch has like 20,000 files you know what the fuck?

I use launchbox as a frontend (thanks bustedastromech!) so that works pretty well.

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the 3ds version just won’t load mame roms

Can’t find a stick sensititivty in Mupen64 or in DS4Windows that lets me back-walk properly in Legend of Zelda games. Don’t know if unique but googling doesn’t reveal if anyone else has found a solution.

The newest version, last time I checked, had major sound issues with the SNES cores, including constant popping and occasionally short freezes.

Just for me though.

Also it’s infuriating that when I take a screenshot, then another shortly after, it has the text from the previous one still on screen. Why would you do that to me? Why?

the scummvm filesystem implementation is ridiculous, the bios requirements for 32 bit systems and contemporaries are needlessly more onerous than any other emulator has been for years no doubt in the pursuit of some technical correctness and not well documented if you don’t already have an expectation of how they work, the chocolatey packages always totally blow up the configs from the prior release,

the retroarch community constantly discusses emulation in a way that discredits 15 years of approximate solutions working relatively well as though they need to justify what they’re doing as an unsolved problem,

they will never implement convenience solutions that used to be ubiquitous like SNES aspect ratio uncorrection or playing a CPS3 game without having to go through the song and dance of “writing the disc” because they’re too focused on authenticity,

it had never previously been a requirement to think or know anything about OpenGL vs DirectX vs Vulkan if you wanted to get neat offscreen drawing hacks enabled and the project is biased against exposing specialized features on a core by core basis as though having a singular solution to all emulation is ultimately desirable other than on a pure architectural level,

it’s still a good project though I just think this sort of prevailing “correctness” is toxic in some ways


it’s so linux

Yeah, this is really weird. Because like…I was playing largely pretty decent emulation of the SNES in 1999 so no, I don’t think I need a modern powerhouse to run this stuff.

yeah but at least on linux I can still yaourt snes9x-gtk

yeah this is why I loathe byuu’s projects for the most part

there’s preservation and then there’s pretending you’re not raising the bar in very specific ways just because you can, and effectively demanding everyone meet you there

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the runahead latency correction and CRT switchres stuff rules though, I’m not saying everything should be ZSNES

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Like, I get going for as perfect as you can, but man, good enough is good enough.

Also it’s hilarious how anti-emulation a lot of the nerds I work with are.

well one of the things with this hobby is it tends to attract people who have very specific ideas which they are not willing to deviate from

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this is a common problem in general. even the ps4’s built in screenshot taker does it!

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my unique retroarch problem today is me complaining about the brain genius who thought it was a good idea to have the default binding of c-buttons on the right analog stick

they’re buttons you cretins

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