polygon fetishism reborn


Much Ridge Racer… Maybe it was because I was following this topic, last couple of months I decided to go start to finish with Ridge Racer 7. Aged well imo, but still doesn’t gimme the impact that R4 did at the time.
Finished RR7 at 100% complete though, and max I got in R4 was around 84 cars.
Can’t remember how well I did in RR1.



Idk if I like the extreme texture filtering but w/e


And I can’t say for sure if it is defaulted for the console.
I “think” (not going to surf right now), but that filtering, anti-aliasing was something you had to ask the console to do, and it wasn’t particularly faster… definitely not faster than non-filtering.
But specially on PC, and today’s GPU generic population, this filtering is done by hardware and… mostly no computation cost (at least the most default “blur” filters).
IMO, most times in emulation for PS2/GC/XBOX generation and previous, I got better results without texture filtering.

I’ll try to add full view versions??? (should I? Does anyone even care?)
Dunno what’s the doing around these parts with pictures and all.

btw… 2003

But for the same era, I have some different polygon fetishisms…



imo I am ready to live in a world where fancy cars have extremely blurred out decals and pointy edges


good choice, I want to live in the daytona track with the virtua fighter statues and the running horses







attack plarail, a game about driving a lifesize toy railway??





That Top Skater?!?


Sorry for the post without polys, but I’ve just stayed like 15min staring at those pics attack plarail.
I’m starting to feel unbound love for these graphics.


i wrote a blog post about it recently!


If watching FX Fighter all shit off being played didn’t render me a fetishist i at least felt a little abject and stimulated during