polygon fetishism reborn


The Vagrant Story disc image compresses down to less than 90MB which makes it maybe a little smaller than the Neogeo release of KOF2k3.


Not what you’d expect would follow Dust: An Elysian Tail (the hand-drawn 2d furry Metrovania) but okay!



like dragonball final bout, rurouni kenshin - meiji menkaku romantan - ishin gekitou hen is a bad fighting game based on an anime. i do really like the textures on the character models, though.


I have a giant soft spot for this low-poly, cartoony texture look. It’s a good combination, like in the Fist of the North Star game, or the Megaman Legends games.


In a bit of another direction, I’ve been thinking a bit about low-to-medium poly faces today. Shenmue, even though I’ve never played it (embarrassing) for me has the most expressive and subtly stylised faces of any game I can think of:

MGS has the low poly faces I remember most intimately, the amount of emotion the managed to get out of those blurry lumps was impressive
Sorry I got a bit texas chainsaw with the assets lol


i think this entire thread is neo bloodpotion city. however! the correct choices are obvious.

also, BONUS ROUND: http://luckymountaingames.com/


The music is pretty good too


i would live in any of the courses of r4


alundra 2 is not a very good game


Panzer Dragoon Saga-0002


rave racer

how different are rave racer and the playstation game rage racer? because this chugs horribly in mame


they’re completely different, but some rave racer tracks are in the PSP game ridge racers 2 (one of the best RR games imo)


the arcade version of bloody roar is named beastorizer. not only does it have a way cooler name, but it also looks amazing too! plus, this is a game that plays way better on a saturn pad than a playstation one



is this bushido blade 2?


Much Ridge Racer… Maybe it was because I was following this topic, last couple of months I decided to go start to finish with Ridge Racer 7. Aged well imo, but still doesn’t gimme the impact that R4 did at the time.
Finished RR7 at 100% complete though, and max I got in R4 was around 84 cars.
Can’t remember how well I did in RR1.



Idk if I like the extreme texture filtering but w/e


And I can’t say for sure if it is defaulted for the console.
I “think” (not going to surf right now), but that filtering, anti-aliasing was something you had to ask the console to do, and it wasn’t particularly faster… definitely not faster than non-filtering.
But specially on PC, and today’s GPU generic population, this filtering is done by hardware and… mostly no computation cost (at least the most default “blur” filters).
IMO, most times in emulation for PS2/GC/XBOX generation and previous, I got better results without texture filtering.

I’ll try to add full view versions??? (should I? Does anyone even care?)
Dunno what’s the doing around these parts with pictures and all.

btw… 2003

But for the same era, I have some different polygon fetishisms…



imo I am ready to live in a world where fancy cars have extremely blurred out decals and pointy edges