polygon fetishism reborn


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let’s bring this back, starting with some gifs from pinky st. kirakira music night


Bloody Roar 2


wait is this a thread about lowpoly or a thread about lowpoly depicting your fetishes because both these posts could go either way


Either and both.

The only rule is that you can’t post that Fear Effect 2 ad.


jp-only playstation launch title motor toon gp. though it looks amazing, it plays like shit. the sequel is better on both fronts, and got released in the us and europe (though they removed the “2” from the title in the us)

some of the cpu-controlled characters in the music night gifs are wearing polo shirts, and i would not allow something so disgusting in a thread about fetishes


Needs some Sky Rogue gifs


Home Free


the time of prophecy has come to pass: low poly nostalgia games are here




So much nostalgia at the same time:

Can’t find just like a trailer, only screaming youtubers ;_;


Not the prettiest, but STRAFE is relevant nonetheless:


Heavy Bullets:

(I don’t think I need to post every low-poly FPS but I see these three games as being pretty influential in the current proliferation of low-poly FPSs)

Stephen’s Sausage Roll



some gifs of tokyo wars from the tumblr pk-dub


Nice tumblr. Now, someone needs to work on a pk-dubsourced.tumblr


a bunch of images in this thread aren’t loading for me right now?

anyway, in still pictures, dragonball final bout almost looks like it could be a fun game (it is not)

these shots not taken by me, but are from here


:heart: Gouraud shading


i went and took a bunch more shots. the game is just as shit as i remember


I thought of this thread when I saw the lovely low-fi polygon forest background used for this:



This game was a lot of fun for having button mashing battles against people while screaming really loudly, but no, for the most part, it was a really crappy game. It was the first DBZ game I played, though.