PokéSouls II: Kali got her shit together


Hey All! Now that I have fully settled into the new residence, I’ve decided to once again make Pokémon more difficult than it should be! I don’t want to pick up the old run cause I’m too out of that headspace (and I don’t wanna ask for the thread to be resurrected), so I’m going to be playing a different game with some different rules! It’ll be fun!

The likes on this OP are going to be how I pull nicknames for the Pokés so if you wanna be one of our in-game pals that’s, that’s how I’m doing that

So, what are we playing?

Randomized Pokémon White

How It was Randomized

Using an old friend of mine, the UP Randomizer, I have fucked up a Pokémon White ROM. What did I do exactly?

  • Pokémon Stat totals are unchanged, but every stat has new randomly generated values.
  • Every Pokémon’s type has been randomized in such a way that it does not follow evolutionary lines - their types are likely to change as they evolve.
  • The learned moves and Abilities of Pokémon have been changed
  • Every TM is now a different move than it used to be
  • Every trainer and wild Pokémon has been randomized, although they will keep to the same general strength (because I get bored running into legendaries in these things)
  • All Pokémon have had their levels scaled up by I believe 20% to make the game harder

And how are we playing it?


Rule Rundown

Everyone does these differently but my rules are:

  • If a Pokémon faints, it is dead forever (R.I.P)
  • We can only befriend the first Pokémon we meet in an area, with an exception for Pokémon we have already caught
  • All of our Pokémon are named after our comrades so that their deaths sadden us

Expect me to complain about the social structure of the game’s setting, and expect some very heavy handed metanarration involving the Pokétariat Revolution and the Fascists appropriating their rhetoric (This is actually the game’s story, trust me, we’ll get there)

Once we start playing I’ll link a Google Sheet up here of the Pokédex for this Randomized game as we uncover it.

Part 0: The Journey Begins!

Part 1: Love and Death

EDIT1: Added forgotten rule, added Table of Contents


Also allow me to present y’all with a vote for our starters! We know their primary type and what they are but anything else is a mystery. As my art warmup this morning I did little sketches of them as their new types (I’ll probably continue to do art alongside this run because I am very interested in redesigning Pokémon including redesigning whoever we choose cause I kinda phoned all of these in).

Also oops I didn’t save Larvitar with transparency

Larvitar (Poison)

Weedle (Ghost)

Squirtle (Poison)

  • Larvitar
  • Weedle
  • Squirtle

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I like these drawings a lot


if you get a lilligant or maractus I demand that I be either


i’m so excited

also obviously it’s ghost weedle


I mean, duh.


Larvitar: Worst chassis as starter due to extremely late evolution (lvl 30!)
Weedle: Quick evolution (lvl 7!) means barely get to see it do anything before it’s something else
Squirtle: Middle of the road (lvl 16)


Certainly not wrong! In fact weedle would become beedrill possibly before gym 1 and be done evolving forever lol


Yeah Pupitar sucks but you have something to look forward to in the endgame




I’ve closed the polls because we had enough votes for I believe a fair judgement

We have chosen Weedle! I’ll do a brief update later when I’m home on what this means for us and who gets to be ghost weed (reminder that I’m randomly pulling names from a hat based on bloodpotions on the OP)


This is my favorite thing


Part 0: The Journey Begins!

Yes I took the design for Hilda and just made her Kali and gave her a trans palette! I’m gonna continue to use drawings a lot with this playthrough cause it’s fun and helps me practice various things for my comic. Because I wanna draw cool stuff and because I don’t wanna get burnout, the chapters are going to cover less ground than they did in the last playthrough

Pokéseasons are each one month long, so our journey is starting in Autumn! Pretty!

It would be a bit hippocritical to pick up our hammer and sickle to fight for Pokétariat freedom while also enslaving Pokémon into indentured servitude (Pokéballs), so instead of taking some rare Pokémon from a weird scientist, we went out into the woods to make our first friend! While we were enjoying the weather, some clouds blew into us? Wait no holy shit that’s a Pokémon! After saving them from our friends who have started their horrible journey to “Catch 'Em All”, they introduced themselves as BLUE_BLACK_PURPLE (Blue BP).This is gonna be the format going forward. Postername (in-gamename), since I want things that look like Pokémon names and also uh there’s a character limit lol. Also I’m going to use they/them for all Pokémon unless someone would prefer I use different pronouns, in which case just message me!

How will the journey unfold? How hamfisted can I make my hot takes on Poké-ethics? Find out next time!

Housekeeping: This time around I’m going to put the episode updates on Pokémon status at the end here, and each Pokémon will have their own little drop-down. You’ll see I’m doing it like this when you get to the info for BBP

Blue BP

Type: Ghost / Flying

Nature: Docile

No Stat Affect

Ability: Early Bird

Sleeps for half as long as other Pokémon

Item: None

Level: 6


HP: 22
ATK: 9
DEF: 7
SPA: 10
SPD: 10
SPE: 8


Rapid Spin Technically a damaging move, really only useful for clearing hazards, something we will likely not have much trouble with anyways
Sacred Sword A really high damage move! This is pretty fortunate


Well we can’t really tell what their good stats are since they’re so low level, and their type and ability are going to change so soon that I really have nothing to talk about wrt to what direction to take their build!


God this already rules


^w^ glad you think so! I’m really excited about this


Also I didn’t directly point it out, but I’m going to be spoilertexting stuff which breaks the narrative but which need be said


I love this! Your drawings really take it to the next level too. So glad Ghost Wheedle got the nomination.


Excited to die again


On the one hand, its not a hack so its significantly less hard. On the other I still level scaled and I know literally nothing about any Pokemon unlike my normal obsessive amount of knowledge so, we’ll see! Hoping to have not many deaths tho

Yay! :3 I’m kinda scared of Ghost Weedle 'cause they’ll change SO much in the next few levels. But then they’re set which is kinda nice actually so


Also I’m considering changing from taking my name list from Bloodpotions on the OP to just being anyone who interacts with the thread via BPs or replies, since the whole premise behind the original rule was to make sure people keeping up with the thread were the ones getting to be named, and this still accopmlishes that but allows, for example, Cuba to become a Pokémon

The only possible downside is if anyone specifically doesn’t wanna be on the list? But folks who wanna opt out of being a Pokémon could just message me or something

Anyway do yall think this would be a positive change