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So the rumors are that the new Pokemon will be in a tropical region like Hawaii. Here’s compiled evidence, as stolen from /vp/:

Translated for normal humans to understand: the concept of the sun and moon have lots of relevance in Hawaiian mythology, the short trailer specifically super briefly shows an XY butterfly with a pattern that only exists in Hawaii or the nearest surrounding oceans, the tiny concept art of vehicles have Hawaii-looking license plates or resemble Hawaiian vehicles, there’s a special item in XY that’s said to be from a mystery region that’s obviously some kinda Tiki statue, palm trees in hotel concept art, and a wireframe Pokemon model they showed resembles a bird native to Hawaii.

Internet detectives are amazing.

Anyway, they put up Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow up on the 3DS Virtual Console with all the original glitches, only adding local wireless trading via 3DS, so I’ve been playing through Yellow recently. I really forgot how fast the gameplay is because of the complete lack of animation. You can get in and out of a fight in the same amount of time it’d take a modern gen game to have both Pokemon come out and then have a battle menu open up. Also the lack of polished graphics really adds an abstract layer to the game which my imagination naturally fills up. The modern games in comparison are like watching a movie - my brain shuts off and I don’t even process what I’m doing half the time.

Anyway, I got to Cerulean City and I did the quick Mew glitch to get myself a non-game-breaking lv7 Mew! Check this link for more info on how: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Mew_glitch

I’ve been tweeting my Pokeprogress, click the links to see pics:

But man, to do the quick Mew glitch, you need to have an Abra and I forgot that they changed Abra’s location in Yellow to be below Cerulean City, meaning you have to have met Bill already yet not have beaten Misty or a handful of other random trainers for the glitch to work. Also Abra’s encounter rate is like 1% and I couldn’t catch him even with a Great Ball, so I basically spent an hour and half trying to catch a stupid yellow teleporting asshole and getting so frustrated. Damn you, Abra, you beautiful Psychic bastard.

My current team is: Nidoking, Nidorina, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Clefairy, Abra. I think I’ll just beat the entire game with Nidoking as my starter just like I always wanted to as a kid.

Tell me about your Pokemon good times! Did you do anything for the 20th anniversary last Saturday? Excited for the new gen?

I hope they release Gold/Silver/Crystal on eShop too. They are the true masterpieces of Pokemon.

I know I’m going to buy pokemon on day 1, but I’m still not going to preorder because the concept of preordering a game that basically does not exist is madness.

I’m on board for a Hawaii locale too for practical reasons: After New York and Paris the third international location that both Japanese and Western people care about would probably be Hawaii.

Yellow team is currently Sandslash, Nidoking, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Butterfree, and Magicarp. Sandslash just soloed Lt. Surge after he caught that Raichu, who was 10 levels higher, in a sand-attack loop.

Thanks to these new gen 1 emulators it will actually become possible, with a ROM dumper and a custom firmware 3DS, to take your original 1998 pokemon crew through time and into the sunny shores of Gen 7.


X/Y got me to dip my toes back in after a hiatus that went all the way back to HeartGold/SoulSilver (which itself got me to dip my toes back in after a hiatus going all the way back to the original Red/Blue!

I think this time it’s going to take some major changes to the quest format at least (I’m sick of Gym Leaders, Baddges etc). So I’m like 99.99% sure I’m out this time around.

I know that this is a pretty common story but when I finished the first part of Gold/Silver and realized how big the second part was I was BLOWN AWAY

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Obviously I’m going to make a contract with Lucifer and go the True Pokemon route.

I still think of Gold/Silver as the most perfect sequel I’ve ever played, in terms of extrapolating on the first game. It basically just fixed every convenience problem with the first generation, added a bunch more pokemon, and rebalanced the totally broken system. In retrospect, they could have balanced it a bit more/better, but it’s still a great generational leap. Oh: and the night/day cycles!

I don’t feel like making a Z thread, so I’m going to post my Z update from the Cinephile Pokemon thread here, so it’s at least in KOP:

Oh man, new Poko games! That’s really fucking exciting for me as someone into the meta!

I wonder if they’ll tweak the type chart at all? Right now, Fairy is a bit too defensively infallible, Psychic is super weakened, and Ghost is pretty much only useful as a defensive dual typing. I don’t think we need another type, but we definitely need a balance tweak to address these issues. Grass is also a weirdly vulnerable typing, but I don’t know if that needs to be tweaked, as there seem to be a lot of viable Grass pokemon.

Also, no talk of the new pokemon that have already been revealed for Z?

Edit: Let me know if this stuff is considered a spoiler. I figure it’s all been announced and nobody is that precious about surprises in the poke games. I could be wrong, though!


Megearna looks like it could be awesome from a competitive perspective. I don’t really know the canon mythos about diancie, but it looks to be a steel-type diancie. If it’s Steel-Fairy type…whoa. That is possibly the best typing in the entire meta right now, and mega-diancie is already fast and strong as hell. A Steel-Fairy diancie would probably be slower, which might dampen its sweeping prowess, but still. Though I guess it all depends on whether it can go mega, which is what makes diancie so formidable.

I believe Volcanion was actually found in-cartridge before it was announced, so it’s actually playable on smogon right now. I messed around with it a little, but ultimately wasn’t that compelled, maybe because I’m not allowed to use it in my preferred format (can’t remember). Water/Fire typing sounds awesome, but it still leaves it vulnerable to Ground, Electric, and Rock with no immunities. So it’s not as cool as other conflicting typings like Fairy/Steel, Ghost/Dark, Water/Electric, and Flying/Ground, etc.

There’s also this whole mess here:

Apparently, in Z, zygarde will be this thing made of cells that are scattered over the region. They’ll graduallly coalesce into the super-duper zygarde. Sounds like it could be really cool in-game–maybe a series of repeate encounters or a scavenger hunt/collectathon. Supposedly, it will be the most powerful legendary yet, which…well, being over-powered is usually kind of boring from a competitive perspective.

Ash-Greninja is…y’know…probably just in the movie.

Here’s a pretty neat theory video on how the zygarde stuff is gonna play out that I think is probably pretty accurate.

And, finally, the eternal form of floette:

Apparently, this has some kind of plot significance? Like, it’s an immortal pokemon created by a guy or something? I dunno. Was it in one of the movies?

Anyway, like Volcanion it’s already secretly in X and Y. It’s basically an alternative to Florges (the evolved form) with some of Florges’ crazy Special Defense reallocated to Special Attack. It also has a unique move, which is the most powerful Fairy attack in the game (albeit with some recoil damage). Guessing this will be an in-game event pokemon in Z.

HERE ARE SOME HOT NEW POKERUMORS from a supposed Game Freak employee (of course):

  • No pokemon from the Kanto region can be caught in the wild in Sun or Moon. This is why you guys were given the ability to transfer from the vc versions of R/B/Y
  • All starters will have secondary typing from stage 1, and no the fire type is not fire/fighting.
  • There is no evil team this time. Just an evil guy.
  • HMs are gone, which is part of the reason for vehicle inclusion. When you reach a certain point, you’ll get a vehicle pass that will allow you to travel anywhere you’ve been in the region from the station located in each town. Some stations are placed in the middle of the longer routes between towns as well.

Huh. I guess the HM’s thing would only refer to world map actions?

I’m assuming they won’t do away with moves like Fly and Surf (how could they).

So I guess now people are saying that Z is a no-go? Based on the stuff I’ve posted above and some other materials that have trickled out, I think it’s obvious that it was planned. But now that they’ve announced the next generation, I don’t know that they can slide Z in there. Is this the most unused content in Poke-history?

Sure, RBY were supposed to have, like, twenty more pokemon, including Mew. And I get the impression that every pokemon game has inlcluded something that didn’t make it to the final. But an entire scenario with a boss and possible region-spanning plot event? That’s a lot for the cutting room floor!

Back on topic: Here are some rumors I’ve seen floating around YouTube, regarding Sun & Moon. A lot of these seem pretty spot-on to me!

So, to add to Persona’s poke-rumors:

* The new evolution gimmick is going to involve gemstones
* The entire list of new pokemon may have been leaked already

Evolution gem conjecture

Have all the new pokemon been leaked already, and does that strongly support everyone’s Hawaii suspicions?

can’t wait to get on that Pokemoon tip

According to that leaker I posted, Game Freak has dozens and dozens of unused Pokemon they’ve been carrying over for generations now, redesigning them each gen but ultimately not including them because they don’t match the tone or look of the other guys in the game.

I’d be curious to see some rejected dudes and how far back they go. Totally wanna see some Gold/Silver rejects and how they’ve evolved and changed per each gen’s look.

Also the leaker mentioned a Dragon-type Eevee evolution. I wonder how cute/horrifying that’ll look.

Of course, this could all be lies.

Oh yeah, also here are what people who’ve seen the latest Corocoro are saying the new starters are:

Artist depictions of the starters from 3 sources. Or they could be bullshit and 2 other people redrawing the BS.

oh no, they remixed the starters from Black & White again??

I’m going to follow up my Play Like An Adult completion of X ( No legendaires in E4) with a theme playthrough of AS. Right now I’m attempting to role play a Bug Catcher , hopefully without having to rely on my X file’s puppy mill to add send over more varied pogeys with better type advantages.

So, does anyone have any faith in Pokken being anything other than a 100% miss at this point?

Since I’m so into the meta now, I’m actually considering playing this gen.

I basically dropped out of PKMN after G/S, and when Diamond showed up on the DS, I thought, “Great! I’ll get my friends to play and get back into it!” I just assumed that they would use a new generation on a new system that was being marketed to all ages to do a soft reboot of the series–not in terms of plot or anything–I just thought they’d include a lot of the old pokemon and have a nice broad balance of typings.

Instead, I found that in Diamond version I couldn’t get a non-starter fire 'mon until, like halfway through the game. Abra and Scyther showed up as I was about to beat it. I can’t even remember what I had as my party for the majority of the game. Even now that I have a relationship with a good deal of the pokedex I can’t at all remember any of my pokemon–not even the starter.

Basically, I played through Diamond, liked the new stuff, but as a return player it offered me nothing.


Do you guys think I would have that experience with Sun & Moon? Do Pokemon games still assume that you’ve played every previous game or have they gotten better at making them independent adventures?

And what about EV/IV breeding? Look: I don’t mind just buying the 'mon I design on Smogon from a breeder. But if I’m going to play through the game I at least want to try to breed my own 'mon. Is breeding for exact, perfect IV/EV/nature/abilities a hassle? Or does ditto and the various pokemon with IV and nature-manipulating abilities make it fairly convenient. Basically, I don’t think I would enjoy grinding for twenty hours just to get the Talonflame I want. I just don’t have the time for that these days.

I think you would’ve had a good time in XY! It catered heavily to fans of the RBY generation with giving you the original starters a few hours in/+Lapras/+some other iconic dudes, let’s you EV train really easily if you have 15 minutes and don’t mind soccer minigames, has the overhauled online system/implementation with people ALWAYS ALWAYS ONLINE, cute customizable outfits, and the postgame has the friend safaris with rare/high IV Pokemon + IV guide NPC.

The only downside is how lame the plot is, how badly designed the main city is, and the awkward pacing of the game. Everything else about it is pretty fantastic though.

On my end, I enjoy breeding dudes who I would theoretically use in a fight against friends, but I never play against friends or randos online so I just have boxes of good IV Pokemon that I sometimes Wonder Trade for 3rd generation junk dudes that kids in Japan got from shitty Wonder Tradering kids in Australia who got it from Italy, etc.

For breeding: They’ve made it SO SO SO EASY NOW. I have a (probably duped) 6IV Ditto that I got from a Skullgirls fan that I use in XY, and in ORAS I got a (definitely duped) international 6IV Ditto from a Reddit board dedicated just for giving everyone just one of this particular Ditto with a nature of their choice. Combine that with a Destiny Knot that guarantees 5IVs passed on from either parent, and it usually takes like 2 hours to get 5 perfect IV guys.

I’ve only ever gotten 6 perfect IVs like 3 or 4 times, it’s a fucking nightmare. They didn’t even end up having the ability I wanted. 5IVs are usually good enough though. I HAVE BRED LOTS OF SHINIES THOUGH (though their IVs are usually garbage)!

In Diamond/Peral they added a feature where if you breed Pokemon from 2 regions different from your own (for example, you’re playing on an ENG cart and you breed a ITAlian Ditto with a SPAnish Caterpie), the possibility of getting a Shiny goes from 1/8192 (default) to 1/1365. Also, if you complete your regional dex, you get an item that raises that rate even more! It’s a cool read: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Masuda_method

If anything, the games are making lots of changes to be friendly to players. It's a good time to play.

I REALLY FUCKING WISH THEY WOULD LET YOU SKIP CUTSCENES THOUGH. The stupid FLY Animation takes like 30 seconds, and in ORAS if you Fly on the 3D world map with Latios/Latias, it literally takes a fucking minute to see it pick you up, Megaevolve, fly into the map, then land wherever your destination is.

I’ve written it on every fucking Nintendo survey every generation to please let me skip those fucking cutscenes holy shit I’ve probably spent a combined 20 hours seeing the same goddamn silhouetted bird fucking pick me up oh my god

Along those lines, what I was most impressed by while replaying Yellow on the Virtual Console is how fast everything is. There's no animations or loading so battles can start and end faster than how long it'd take for your Pokemon to first pop out in the current generation of 3d games. That makes such a huge difference in the pace of the game, and it really makes a difference. They need to cut loading and laggy animations A LOT.

Have you ever played Pokemon Colosseum or the other Gamecube Pokemon game? Battles can take literally an hour because the animations take F O R E V E R and every battle is a Double Battle. I think the Stadium games did a good job matching the pacing of the original games, plus the animations in Stadium are way more full of character than what every 3d game has done since.

Actually, let’s just compare:

STADIUM (start at 0:34)

STADIUM 2 (start at 0:29) feels slower, though that could be emulator lag? I never played the second Stadium to know for sure:

COLOSSEUM (start at 0:36):

Actually, it looks to be about the same pacing? Just having every fight be a mandatory Double Battle makes every battle take 2x longer, which is maddening in a full length RPG game. Also the lack of announcer makes it very boring to watch the same canned animations repeat over and over.

Now time for my fav after Stadium, POKEMON BATTLE REVOLUTION (0:36):

I loved that PBR had character customization, nicely modeled environments, high quality audio samples for the narrator, and a pretty good original OST! What a good time.

For comparison to modern gen, here’s the Masters Division Finals from the POKEMON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 (skip to 6:34):

What the hell, does Shoma hack? Why are both his Pokemon in Master Balls? What a cheater.

Anyway, thanks for reading my wall of poketext.

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my favorite thing about XY will always be that you can actually pet and feed and play with your team of mons like you should have been able to do all along

Also you get exp for catching! and get the option to exp share w/ your whole team almost immediately, which you can toggle at will.