Podcast Episode #80: Game Paradigm


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Episode Description:
Your host Dwight Rortugal leads you through a bold, hour long venture into the world of games and gamer culture, with the help of a few special friends.


ACT 1: EVERYONE’S GONE TO GITMO - An interview with the developer of the last Walking Sim ever made.

ACT 2: LET’S NAP - Let’s Player Zachary Matthew is getting quite the reaction from his stream audience–it’s just not the one he was anticpating. Onson Sweemey has the story.

ACT 3: A VIEW TO A HOG - Join Grecian Ares as he seeks to meld man and hog after playing the cult hit Nier.

ACT 4: GAMECUBE DREAMS AND CAPITALIST REGIMES - Correspondent Jern Jerlgonson goes deep undercover to work in a local Gamestop. Will he ever be the same again?

Episode #80, with your host Dwight Rortugal, featuring stories with Todd Bonzales, Raul Chamgerlain, Bobson Dugnutt, Onson Sweemey, Zachary Matthew, Chip and Zapp McDichael, Grecian Ares, and Jern Jerlgonson


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the survey link is here: bit.do/game-bubble please complete it to find out just how thick your gamer bubble is

edit: seems like the link is down, but please assume your bubble is very thick in the meantime

edit2: the link mysteriously started working again.

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my bubble is viscous



If I recall correctly, my bubble was actually quite greasy.

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fuck yeah

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home fuckin’ run, y’all

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That entire Nier-shrug section is gold.


I’ll post the results in a week or so. Not sure what’s up with the link, just used the first option that let me have a free custom pathname.

Great job on the acting y’all!


I have no idea what is going on in that survey or this thread but I mostly answered “no” and “none” to all these questions


holy shit the music under the “review” of Frankfurt


console talk slew me but we actually should have can as all the podcast music in the future


I love you all.

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bcoma the music and general oink editing,etc. of my segment are typically amazing and almost make it bearable to listen to myself

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cant wait to listen to my segment later and the rest of you nerds

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yeah the music beds are amazing

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Let me put on my junpei hat and MSF bandana and I’ll be right there

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you forgot to tag sleazy