Podcast Episode #72: THE BUTTON PUSHERS GAME AWARDS 2016

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Episode Description:
Tough but fair.

Episode #72, ft. Brad Coma, Marcus Penix, D-Lo, Godum Melkman, Total Rude – The Rude Gamer, aka TRTRG, Little Gary, HAROLD SHOOTSMAN and $HRuG da CuP


You know, when you announced the April fools cast I was thinking that at some point you should do an episode parodying something like This American Life or Radiolab. Good start.

I downloaded the MP3 because I’m still not seeing this in my Android podcast app. The latest I have is the holiday deathcast. Is this just me or has thus episode just not pushed into the feed yet?

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Some ace sound design in this, coma!


it’s in the ios’ podcast abomination

jesus fucking christ the cheat code intro


oh man this turned out great. I love you all but especially b coma

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gary’s final word is so good ;___;

also the music for diplo’s ads


this turned out greaaaaat. lost it during the KH3 trailer

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This was indeed very good.

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slightly disappointed my exclamation of I LOVE PISS! was not saved for the ears of a @Tulpa tbh

you know how Tulpas are

TBQH I have no idea what kind of character a Tulpa would have been for Button Pushers. Surprised you never revealed your identity as the Whizzard

That comic reminds me of a series of posts on NeoGAF where some guy explained how his roleplaying group’s stories revolved around some guy’s bubble fetishism. It never occurred to me how common of a thing this was.

Link seems to be down at the moment?

Working for me at the moment? You can also try getting it from iTunes?

Weird. Also not working through podcatcher. I can load the libsyn page though, but still can’t get at the MP3. Firefox tells me the error is ‘unknown’, Chrome says it’s DNS related.

I’ll try again tomorrow.

you can switch to google DNS if yours is acting funny, it’s just

Kinda killed my download speed last time I did that, but I’ll give it a go if my ISPs one doesn’t sort itself.

I Love Selecf Button Dot Com!


Old buddy who has been silent the past few months messaged me out of the blue to say he really enjoyed this, and that it nailed quite a few things he found irritating about the medium/culture right on the head.

We did good, folks. ;_;