plz rec some good android games

i got a surprise smartphone for xmas (thx mum), what’s some good games for it?

already grabbed downwell, sonic 1+2, monument valley, pocket mortys, hiversaires and reigns

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King of Dragon Pass, even if the interface is a bit fucked on phones (It’s fine on tablets but font size on some menus is too big on phones)
Waking Mars

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I got traps’n’gemstones on @Sleazy 's rec and it’s pretty fun

“Hidden my game by mom” is more like a little vignette than a game and you can probably beat it in one sitting but it’s free and you should play it

“steven universe: attack the light” is good if you just want to play a bunch of mario-rpg-like battles

“final freeway 2r” is a fun little outrun clone to dip into

desert golfing

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can’t believe i forgot this one

Having an android is a great excuse to finish SNES and GBA JRPGs, says I

also great for Pokemon Romhacks

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Lara Croft Go is tight.

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If you want a chill runner game Alto’s Adventure is nice. Kami is a satisfying puzzler to chip away at. Duet or Barrier X if you want something twitchier. 80 Days if you don’t already have it on PC.

seconding king of dragon pass


I like Groove Coaster a lot. It’s easy and the windows are big enough you can just like mash on shit. I can’t play a Bemani game for shit but I can clear the hardest tracks on here like w/e. It has beautiful colors and the music is great. Like, the first song you unlock is from Street Fighter EX. You get a decent amount of shit free, and it doesn’t ever feel money grubby.

Everyday Spelunker

I finally got King of Dragon Pass


Okay, now also recommend games which work well with no volume on that I can have going between calls at work.


the kodp interface really sucks if your phone isn’t the right size

but yeah @ hoplite, 80 days, time surfer, desert golfing

Also: TeqQ Princess

The port of Mini Metro is pretty legit, if you have yet to play that. Threes is pretty good stuff, and I enfed up playing one called Numbo Jumbo for a few days that was OK.

oh yeah I adore mini metro and though I’ve never played it without a mouse I imagine the interface is fine

Amazon Underground is Amazon’s app store and will offer free games with the micro-transactions ripped out (i.e. purchasing premium currency or content will cost $0). You have to download it from Amazon’s website though.

Check out Humble Bundle when they have bundles for mobile games.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney just came out on mobile.

There’s Romancing SaGa 2 in English (a localization of the Vita version is in the works though).




Does Not Commute

Puzzle Retreat


Paper Galaxy

Slice It

Color Sheep


Super Hexagon



A lot of the F2P gacha games are pretty cool mechanically but most will get annoying by either not increasing the difficulty fast enough or creating harsh progression barriers to encourage micro-transactions. However some are well designed enough to be playable without spending money, either by the game design itself or by just being generous with doling out premium currency for free every other day. Try Monster Strike (lots of free premium currency), Terra Battle (playable without premium currency), Mobius Final Fantasy (easy-ish to play without paying but a bit too easy for too long. It’s a neat game though.), and Puzzle & Dragons (same case as Mobius). And Neko Atsume is a thing.

There are a lot of nice rhythm games like Deemo, Groove Coaster, DJMax Technica, and more. A lot of lesser known ones have virtually free catalogs (like Cytus and Over Rapid).

10 Billion Wives

Seven Hotties, All My Husbands

Make Action! PicoPicoMaker

Google around for lists and try stuff out. There’s too much muck on app stores to sort through. I saw this the other day and a lot of them look neat.

I’ve been loving a little puzzle game called iSometric

One More Line is a great settle-into-a-groove kind of game

Mobius Final Fantasy is fun, graphically-impressive-for-something-on-a-phone, and has excellent music

I have spent so much time playing Pythagorea and Euclidea, oh god they’re so good. Especially Euclidea