Please, Carcassonne Was My Father's Name: The Board Game Thread





Dialect is probably the best game I’ve played this year, absolutely astounding worldbuilding/RPG design.


Is this the RPG books thread

Spelljammer >>> Planescape imo


look at the source of the cacodemon there

Spelljammer is the best, Mystara is 2nd best, Planescape and Dark Sun are third place, who cares about the rest

(only counting the classic TSR settings)


ive never played a proper roleplaying session but man does ravnica d&d make me salivate


boros or die


Simic petitioners are complaining that a popular new restaurant is serving food with a marked resemblance to their newest hybrid rootwallas which disappeared in the aftermath of a fire that broke out in one of their conservatories. This seems like an obvious Rakdos job, but the restaurant has no official guild affiliation and the local abattoir professes no knowledge of any exotic meat or meat-plant crossbreeds moving through. An Azorius observer has been assigned to your unit after an official complaint was lodged when a suspect mysteriously broke his arm in custody last week. How do you begin your investigation?


by aurelia’s wings, we must protect trademark law


New d&d podcast where Jason DMs a campaign where me and Ferrets are Boros buddy cops on patrol in Ravnica IMHO


this is so good




This is FFG’s Big Gencon announcement, some new and really weird card game

I’ve been wondering for years when Richard Garfield was going to take a stab at a full Magic the Gathering II.

One of the design intentions behind Magic was supposed to be that you’d have to make due with whatever cards you had. I never expected a possible answer to be that everyone has a fixed but entirely randomized deck. I have no idea how this is going to do.

But putting that aside, the mechanical idea of choosing one ‘faction’ (the game’s equivalent to color in MtG) every turn and playing as many cards as you like is pure Richard Garfield genius. If this game isn’t great, someone is going to steal that idea and MAKE a great game with it.


I’ve been following Keyforge for a bit now, and watching some videos of folks playing it on Tabletop Simulator and in the flesh. I gotta say, I’m finding the design super intriguing. Seems like it’s full of fun and deep interactions, but also refreshingly simple in terms of its economy and core mechanics. I’m defo gonna pick up the starter set, and could imagine myself picking up a deck every couple of weeks to play and learn over the course of an evening with some folks. I’m somewhat worried about what the community is gonna shape up to be like. As ever, Netrunner has completely spoiled me and made all other meatspace game experiences awful in comparison (even when they’re “fine”).


I am very intrigued about Keyforge too.

The other big game from GenCon that I’m hyped about is Gen7, which is the spiritual sequel to Dead of Winter, but with a sci-fi theme. You play as passengers on a generation ship travelling a massive interstellar distance, and you have to maintain your part of the ship while arguing about political decisions that affect everyone. The Shut Up and Sit Down guys were really praising it on their most recent podcast.


Yeah, I am pretty hype for Keyforge as a thing. I have kinda flirted with playing Magic, but only in like a “pick up a deck and fuck around and see” kind of sense for awhile, and this seems like it can scratch that itch easily enough and kinda prevent me from just falling into the hole of spending/collecting that Magic always represents.


I’m in the same boat. My collectory brain is far too volatile for me to enter into mtg, a game which I already have particular land cards I want despite having only played a couple of games of it.

I see myself engaging with Keyforge in two potential ways:
Having a pretty casual relationship with it, where I enjoy its quirks, and pick up a deck or two every now and again/when new sets drop.

Or, I could imagine getting very into its gameplay in a serious way and enjoying a sealed format which encourages creative thinking within random deck restrictions.

One of the biggest “downfalls” of my netrunner “career” is that I would much rather play a really inventive and fun Tier 2/Tier 3 deck I designed than a Tier 1 meta deck. I adore that Keyforge denies the potential of fierce meta defining combos. I’m sure they exist in the game, but I love that their power is limited to a pool of people by chance. The Netrunner communities I’ve played in (Ireland and Netherlands) are full of chill people who’ve never ran degenerate decks. So a lot of my experience of card games (via netrunner) revolve around the wonderful experience of discovering what someone’s deck does, as opposed to sitting down to the table knowing you’ve lost already, and that seems to be the design philosophy behind Keyforge. I’m so down.


yeah - that’s the thing that always kept me out of netrunner despite netrunner having a better system for expansions and stuff

I think I realized that keeping up with a meta in which new cards come out every month is basically just as bad or worse as having randomized boosters

so keyforge is interesting just in trying to fix that! hopefully the game is good too


Yeah, I never play these games enough in meatspace to have to worry about the dominant decks of the time, but at the same time, there is the internet always making me think I should care about that more. So I am excited for a game to try to subvert that, even though I am sure it will have its own problems.


I feel ya. I’ve spent time away from netrunner over the past couple of years and always found it pretty quick to return to and see what’s popular (mainly because the system is so good and each deck’s win condition/approach never strays too far from the core mechanics). The ‘new pack every 6 weeks’ thing was actually really cool when you were following the meta, though. Old archetypes getting sudden boosts with the printing of just one card. There was (and is) so much space to build cool decks, and you’re not priced out due to rarity (but the problem was always going to be older players catching up with a year’s worth of sets + new players having a steep buy in).

I’m excited to be away from Keyforge for 6 months and then “buy back in” for like… 10 or 20 bucks. The question for me is gonna be: how much money do I have to spend to find a deck I reallllllly enjoy. I’ve been messing with the game on Tabletop Simulator a bit and there are card synergies which fall into the MTG “Well, I have lost the game now and can’t do anything” variety, and you have to sit and play through til the end. But I guess I’m just spoiled from playing netrunner, where you only know you’ve lost on the turn before you lose, and even then, maybe you’ll get a lucky access on R&D ;))) (i luv netrunner so much).

Anyway, here’s a meme I made about netrunner for a decklist i published today