Please, Carcassonne Was My Father's Name: The Board Game Thread


No sisters, no sale. GW you stupid fucks how do you miss putting out sisters models in a new game that’s attracting a bunch of attention in the lead up to relaunching their line? (I know exactly how)

Anyways I used to play old 5th-6th ed Kill Team back when it was just a smaller version of the full game and I never lost a tournament game because boy did people not know how to build lists for it


Ok I’m lying I’ll play the shit out of that if lictors are good instead of being argubly the worst unit in the game like they are in 8th



Any board game is edible, if you have anger issues


Catching up with my old gaming group is really fun!

I got a few games aimed at children recently (school holidays is here) and have been trying them out: Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama is 15 minutes of drawing on your board and is surprisingly varied for a game where everyone has identical options. Skull is still fun but needs 5-6 to get good.

I’m bad at Snow Tails and think it’s too luck-based and would still rather play Formula De/Formula D. Azul is hate-drafting so I love it but it means the player to my right gets an advantage… I tried a few adventures in a scenario of Arkham LCG and it’s thematic as heck and seems impossible with as few as three characters.

Also played Quartermaster General with 5 and… immediately played it again. You get a ~40 card deck to play out 20 turns of WW2 in about 90 minutes, there’s no troop movement or dice rolls, and strategic bombing does deck/hand damage. You only get one play and a few discards per turn so it’s some area control and a lot of hand management.

One of our playgroup has retired and is designing his own games, which we’re playtesting: trying to explain how board game fun is making decisions under constraints & seeing their outcome relatively quickly makes me more interested in designing my own versions than providing constructive feedback…


these games seem more GMT style simulationy than Euro style or American style

well, Volko did co-design pretty much every GMT COIN game


:: Hyperventilating::


Finally played sidereal confluence, I won by three quarters of a point. It is a simple game once you get going but overwhelming to start with


Oh yeah I played Bloodrage last night and won my first game by a single point. It’s not a bad game, I think having a fourth player would have improved it and encouraged less conservative play


yeah, the simplicity of the core mechanics is really an asset, and it’s basically a necessity to make the overwhelming number of options available to you at any given time plus the extreme asymmetry among the players actually digestible. it’s a really unique and elegant design. but it can be very intimidating to start and it is much better with a very flexible / lateral-thinking / gregarious group.

it also helps that there are like four “basic” races, three weird/advanced ones, and two extremely weird ones, and you can play with as many of them as you want, but the more advanced ones are much better if the whole group knows what they’re doing, not just the person playing them.


Azul is my most recently-acquired board game. I’ve played it only a couple times so far, but I like it and I can see how mean it can potentially get with some familiarity. And those fat tiles are nice.



Are you FUCKING kidding me??? Insert a gritty retired action hero cliche here, 'cause I was out, but I’m going right back in.


What is a Ravnica and why should anyone care

(I’ll never buy a campaign sourcebook cause I don’t care about Wizards of the Coast’s shitty worldbuilding)


it’s a popular magic the gathering setting


Ravinca is the world a bunch of Magic: The Gathering sets have been in. It’s basically a big city run by a bunch of different guilds who all have their own cool magical shtick, each of them is a hybrid of two colors of Magic cards.

If they were going to pick any MtG setting to be a D&D campaign setting, it’s probably the best one to do.


Whew ok man I am glad there’s not another thing I need to care about


Star Trek: Ascendancy is not good.


The right way to approach wotc setting books is to poach anything halfway interesting into your own home brew setting and ignore the rest


too cool to care in the board game thread