Please, Carcassonne Was My Father's Name: The Board Game Thread


Does anyone know of a good game that can be played with dominoes?

Some friends who don’t really play board games suggested that we play dominoes at some point, and I’m thinking of using that as a gateway to other games. When I looked up how to play basic dominoes, it sounded like an unappealing experience that’s mostly randomness.

I stumbled upon the rules for a variant called Flower and Scorpion that I will probably suggest if I don’t find anything better to present as “how to play dominoes” when the time comes.


my friend today brought over a game his parents found in the shed called “eye”, which was released in 1987. the back of the box speaks of it being the most revolutionary board game of all time, that would do for board games what the rubik’s cube did for puzzles.

it was ok i guess. i can see why it didn’t take off though, it didn’t really start making sense until a few turns in, and the components look a lot better than they function.


the flyaway’s and danglers on dude’s beard are mesmerizing


Finkel earned a PhD in Assyriology from the University of Birmingham under the supervision of Wilfred G. Lambert with a dissertation on Babylonian exorcistic spells against demons.[2]



Kid me was really fascinated by photographs of this game, and at the time I had read that the rules were lost.

I’m extremely excited that is no longer the case.


So it’s Sorry


Not two minutes into my unboxing.


I’m at Marina’s work and that box is weirding me out. Back when I worked at Asmodee’a warehouse, everyone hated TI1 because it was the last of the baby coffins and would absolutly kill your rate if you pulled an order with a bunch


Fuckers came like, 30 to a pallet or something absurd


If anyone has even a fleeting interest in Netrunner, I’d really recommend the latest (and final) big box expansion “Reign and Reverie”. It has so many fun and weird and playable and good cards. If you see a revised core set in a shop and R&R I’d say it would be a very solid investment, considering they’re stopping printing before October (if they haven’t already stopped). It’s the best card game.


I’d just need those two to be set? That might sell me on actually getting netrunner.


The revised core set on its own is a reaaaally good experience, and this new big box has cards for every faction (as opposed to previous ones which focus on particular factions). But even just the revised core set on its own is worth getting as a standalone play experience with loads of factions and possibilities.



but also if you get R&R you get to play with this lil cutie.


I only own the core set, and I bought it back in 2014. How difference is the revised core set? I’m considering getting this new expansion based on your recc, but I also don’t want to have to buy the core set again too.


One thing that I’d recommend for Netrunner is going on eBay and getting one of those lots of all cards that there are two or three of in the core set. That gives you more basic resource cards and things, allowing you to build more than one deck for each faction without constantly switching cards out. Those lots are easy to find by searching for something like Netrunner 2x 3x.

Having an old core set and a revised core set would probably be even better, though a little more expensive. (I haven’t looked at the revised core set yet, but I guess I should grab it at some point before it becomes unavailable.)

I’ve mainly played Netrunner with just one person (the person who introduced me to the game). I’m not really interested in playing against random strangers, but it would be fun to play with someone from SB one day. Maybe at some future meetup.


the revised core set has a decent amount of things from the original core set, and then takes a good bunch of cards from the first 12 small expansions (240 cards). Its main appeal was that it was a chance for them to make a good balanced standalone thing with the experience of 5 years of the game, but also, depending, you might be able to find someone selling those first 12 expansions and then you can literally just build the revised core set out of your old coreset + those cards. there’s a list here.
I really love the original core set, but also there are some power cards and problem cards that have since been removed (to everyone’s joy) but you can completely play this new set with an old core set I’d imagine!


yeah I’m probably gonna swing by and see if I can’t get a revised core set for myself!


Yeah, I’m convinced. The revised core set looks significantly different from the original, and I really like that they’ve attempted to create something that stands alone and allows for balanced gameplay more like a board game than a collectable card game. I’ll probably pick it up despite owning the original set.


for anyone interested, here’s a Netrunner “buying guide” that someone just updated