Please, Carcassonne Was My Father's Name: The Board Game Thread


I’ve been playing heaps of games but I keep forgetting to post in here. Last night I finally played Scythe! I think I did pretty well, came third, only three points behind second.

I sure like the aesthetics and a lot of the mechanics, but the cards add a bit too much luck for my liking to a game that’s longer than one hour. One of my friends got objective cards that really didn’t mesh with her faction so slowed her down a lot, for example. I got a really easy one and knocked it off in a few turns. Then there are the combat and encounter cards, they feel out of place with the more elegant elements of the game. I liked it enough that I would play it one or two more times, but I don’t think I’d want to go further than that.

We also played with the airship expansion which SURE LOOKS COOL even though they keep blocking the board and don’t really add much game wise.


I’ve played Concordia and Scythe several times each recently. Both remain current favorites of mine. I wish I had more opportunities to play Troyes, now that I finally have my own copy.

Has anyone tried that new Scythe expansion with all the different modules? I am wondering whether that might be worth getting, considering that it costs as much as another full board game.


I didn’t like concordia at all the two times I played it, couldn’t understand what the fuss was about, there was like zero friction


Did you play on a crowded map, based on the number of players? The game is pretty dry no matter what, but I’ve only used the Britannia map in my games so far and there has been competition for cards and for reaching certain spots first.

I just learned that there is a new version of Eclipse in the works. It’s beyond what I ever pay for a board game, but I hope that I get a chance to play it. I like the first edition (though I guess not enough to have ever purchased it).


Eclipse is a Twilight Imperium substitute for cowards.

There… I SAID IT.


I’ve heard that take before and idk I like it better, it’s a lot less padded if you’re playing with people who take a long time to take their turns and it manages to adapt full on Risk style dice rolling into a game that’s relatively balanced and competitive


can we have a netrunner club I’m hankerin’


hell yeah! I’ve been building a Freedom Khumalo deck recently and also a fun Mti Mwekundu Kill deck. down to play on jnet often! I usually try grab a game or two during my lunch break.

ps, I flew for 10 hours to go to the last ever Netrunner tournament in Minneapolis the other weekend and it was really emotional and great and I sure did get the impression that they didn’t want to lose the license… I feel super sorry for Michael Boggs, who did an amazing job on Reign & Reverie, but I guess I’m just gonna have to see what he brings to Keyforge.


What the heck, you should have said ‘hi.’


I didn’t think to check if there were SB folks around that area, tbh it was a pretty tight schedule of playing Netrunner too much and then immediately flying home to get back to work. Sorta wish I’d had more time off work so I coulda made a trip out of it!


Coulda hung out on lunch, I go the the Game Center all the time lol


aw danggggg! :’’’’’’’ that would have been so nice! Kicking myself now. I was staying nearby in the Key Inn, which was… an experience. Maybe somehow, someday I’ll end up going back for a Keyforge tournament if I end up getting properly into it. Funnily enough, Aer Lingus announced a direct flight from Dublin to Minneapolis SP the day after we all arrived back (from our stressful transfer flying experiences).


the only thing is that I know nothing about what makes any deck good because I only played a few times against friends that I was teaching the game to


that’s super chill. real happy to talk you through stuff. if you have any factions or identities you like most, I can whip up some learner decks for those! :slight_smile:


I just snagged a copy of Root. It’s a gorgeous asymmetrical war game where each player represents a different species of woodland animal vying for control of a forest. There’s a marquise of cats who begin the game with military control over the terrain, a guerilla alliance of mice who commit subterfuge with traps, a parliament of birds whose government is constantly collapsing and reforming, and a lone raccoon doing quests and finding treasure while forming alliances with the other players.

I’ll report back once I’ve given it a shot. The extremely different playstyles of the different species appeals to me a lot, and I’m excited to see if it coheres into a fun game.

Edit - here are some photos I took of it:


Looks like maybe an improvement on Vast?


Yeah, I’ve heard it’s a way better game than Vast. I think they learned a lot of lessons from it.

I’ve only played Vast once, and with only 3 people, but I wasn’t that impressed with it.


this game is designed by Cole Wehrle, who did Pax Pamir

vast was different designers but same publisher and artist


it sounds sick i want to play it


yeah it looks great… any chance it will reach bumpass?