Please, Carcassonne Was My Father's Name: The Board Game Thread


I got Pandemic Legacy Season 2 this past weekend and played the prologue and the first month (campaign is broken into “months”). So far, it’s pretty cool! When you first start out, it plays a lot like the original Pandemic, but with several small modifications. From reading the rules, these changes seemed minor, but when we actually played the game there were a lot of unforeseen strategic implications that really changed the way we solved the central puzzle of the game. It looks and feels like classic Pandemic, but you can’t rely on the same old strategies.

Then toward the end of game 1 we unlocked something and began to see the broader shape of the game. It’s pretty intriguing!


is way too much money splotter prices or less than splotter prices

is ‘compared to splotter stuff’ a hint?

is it an 18xx game?


approximately equal to splotter prices.

the graphic design of this particular edition caught my eye at shux in a way few other games had and I was delighted to find it was actually that good. I told myself I didn’t actually need to buy a copy and maybe it would be reprinted someday but sbcon was a good excuse…


My copy of Gloomhaven arrived. The box weighs as much as my reference fat cat. I’m so excited to play!
I’m not bringing this to the sb meetup because I don’t want to re-read all the rules

The second picture is from after I took out everything else in the box, its just to show depth.



nice, i’m hoping mine arrives while i’m away at sbcon. pretty psyched


Regrettably, I think I am going to have to buy the custom insert. I popped out all the cardboard pieces and put them in poly bags, and I used so many that it is impossible to find anything.

So, I guess, word of warning. This is a game that absolutely needs a very good storage solution. I might be able to get away with a bunch of thin plano boxes but I would need so many that the insert wouldn’t be too much more in terms of cost.


I was surprised how many custom inserts were on sale at SHUX, that seems like a market that doesn’t really need to exist

it took me a long time to work out the right position and number of plastic bags to keep arkham horror LCG + the second campaign + one mythos pack all cleanly together in one box


While for most games I prefer just a couple plastic bags and maybe a plano box if there are a lot of different tokens, there are some games that really need a custom insert unless you want to add an hour to the playtime just for setup.


This is a cheap container that I originally got for X-Wing. But I found the removable inserts so useful inside other random game boxes that I bought another one just to cannibalize. It’s as if the inserts were made to perfectly fit different card sizes (though of course they were not).

Also, the person who introduced me to X-Wing and organized all of our games moved away months ago and I will probably play very rarely in the future but that will not stop me from getting this:


I pre-ordered Twilight Imperium 4th edition and it arrived at last. It’s the most massive, monstrous board game I’ve ever owned. The pre-order came with a really nice hardcover rulebook and two big art posters that are actually cool enough to put on a wall.

This game is SO BIG. I just spent two weirdly enjoyable hours just popping all the cardboard bits out and arranging everything in the box. Twilight Imperium 3rd edition was my favorite board game ever, and from the looks of it, this new edition is a major improvement. It took some of the less intuitive, kludgier systems and streamlined them, and it spiced up the blander aspects of gameplay with very clever changes meant to foster more dynamic player interaction.

You can hand another player a promissory note that they can cash out in the future to block you from attacking them, and then that player can turn around and sell that note to the other player you’ve been planning a sneak attack on for two hours.

In order to bring this game to my friend’s house to play it on her nice table, I have to pack it into a literal full-sized suitcase and roll it over!

I love this game!

I’m going to play it for the first time this Saturday. If any Boston SBers are into trying out a 6-8 hour war game with strangers, then get in touch! I have a few open slots.


I never liked TI3, totally unsurprisingly after I first played eclipse my immediate reaction was “I’m never touching TI again”

TI4 did look really nice at SHUX though


I’ve played Eclipse around 3 times and I didn’t much care for it. It felt more impersonal and less dramatic than Twilight Imperium. If TI is a Dune-style space opera of widely varying civilizations clashing and undermining each other, then Eclipse feels to me more like a placid bay where a few identical tugboats are drifting casually as the captains polish their decks and set up nice intricate riggings, occasionally shooting mean glances at each other.

Please excuse my very stupid metaphor :sunglasses:


I can’t do this weekend, but another time, sure!



hell yeah


Jealous. I have always wanted to give TI a shot, but never had the group or money to do it.


I tried the Bloodborne card game tonight. My first impression was positive. It’s cooperative to a point, but there is a single winner. The strategy is in timing your actions so that you come out ahead of the other players as you fight the monsters together.

I was actually killed permanently by Rom in our game, but the other two players went on to defeat her. (In most cases, dying does not result in player elimination.)



oh I didn’t realize this was an Eric M Lang game

He’s a good designer


It’s been damn near two months since I have been able to play a board game. Until tonight. Got the band back together and played Blood Rage from Mr. Lang.

Game is fantastic. It plays with area control in such an interesting way and does it with only 8 spots or so that your battling for control. Game has been tuned razor sharp. The only problem one could have I feel is if you like a more tactical game as Blood Rage really rewards you for committing early and hammering that strategy into the ground. It’s hard to pivot during the drafts when the rewards for sticking to your guns are very high. I think I prefer Inis for it’s more chaotic and loose puzzle but damn is Blood Rage good.

My core board game bud has had some shit fall on him lately so we can’t get as many games going as we would like, so it was nice to have some scotch and catch up while gaming. I hope the games help him get a break from this cruel hell world that we live in for even just a moment.


hey anybody got any cool ideas for a good board game for kids like 8-13 like maybe let’s say if you were giving a gift for maybe a holiday