Please, Carcassonne Was My Father's Name: The Board Game Thread




Oink Games publish a load of cool little games that are probably straight forward enough for young folk to understand, but which also… rule? Deep Sea Adventure is probably my favourite board game. A Fake Artist Goes to New York is pretty fun too. Also, a western company republished “Dungeon of Mandom” as “Welcome to the Dungeon” (alongside an expansion), which I’d recommend too. You’re also more likely to find Welcome to the Dungeon in a local gamestore than bank on getting these delivered from Japan in time for xmas.


I don’t even care if it’s any good. I just wanna know if I can play as Wilford Brimley.



I checked the rulebook, you can.




I just bought Love Letter Deluxe and 7 Wonders Duel because I am the hardest of hardcore. I probably should have come here for recommendations first.

I’ve always liked the feel of drafting cards to build a city in 7 Wonders but hated the scoring system. I think Duel uses a pretty similar system, but I incorrectly assumed it would be a stripped-down thing.

Getting more people into a Love Letter game should be alright though.


Oh I like Duel a lot, it does still take a fair bit of time though. And if you hate the scoring system you hate the scoring system.


I actually like the scoring system but have never liked the drafting; I’m usually very pro- games that give you a lot to do and think about but make you cope with a lot of randomness and changes in game state from turn to turn, but 7 Wonders always feels like too much of a scramble to be satisfying and it’s a really hackneyed use of the theme imo

I would much rather play a Chudyk game

I guess I am very picky about drafting in general though, I always hated dominion and find race for the Galaxy way too dry


If you like the drafting but not the scoring, sushi go party is the obvious choice since its all the good parts of 7 wonders but not an overcomplicated point salad at the end.

That being said 7 wonders duel is better than vanilla 7 wonders


The only chudyk game I have played was innovation and it is amongst the worst designer board games I’ve played. Its in the same category as fluxx and munchkin: pure luck and take that nonsense that far outstays its welcome


Mottainai and glory to Rome are way better!!


Damn I didn’t even know about this one. Sushi Go! has been a hit with my friends and their kids.


I do actually think the scoring improved and simplified in Duel. I like that science no longer requires weird math to figure out and I like that military and science are actual threats that can be game-ending w/o score.


Insert political joke.

Also, that’s good to hear.


I played the This War of Mine board game and hoo boy, I think that game might be better off with a computer tracking all the stats and stuff


I played the first 5 games of a Charterstone campaign during my holiday break. It’s a legacy style worker placement game. I’m not incredibly impressed with it, but I enjoyed myself. It’s kind of a totally watered down and basic worker placement game. You slowly unlock new mechanics, but not fast enough. It feels like we’re very slowly working our way towards an actual complete and well designed board game.

Nevertheless, legacy mechanics make pretty much any game at least somewhat fun and engaging for me, just through the sheer joy of working together to unlock new stuff and experience the twists and turns of a campaign with friends. But you’re better off playing Pandemic Legacy or Seafall, imo.


Yeah, the thing I’ve heard about this game is that you slowly build a complete, well-designed game that won’t be quite like any other copy, and that the final result is good enough to replay on occasion.


Played Race for the Galaxy with my good friend last night. Race is one of the first games I ever bought and is still one of my favorites. I love how all ya need is the deck and some poker chips to play it and I feel that it is one of the most elegantly designed games out there. Still one of my favs, love that game. It captures the rush of sealed MtG better than MtG.

I finally got my crokinole board in and hopefully I will be getting some games in with it over the weekend.


There’s Innovation (a cool board game by Chudyk) on isotropic. Just drop me a pm or contact me on the discord if you want to play a match.


I played One Night Ultimate Werewolf for the first time! It is really good for a game that takes five minutes to play. It took a few games before everyone understood it, though. Much better than the other One Night game I played, Revolution, which was awful.

I also played DECEPTION MURDER IN HONG KONG which I wanted to play for ages after someone mentioned it here and it sounded like what I wanted Mysterium to be (Mysterious was very disappointing to me). It’s not quite that, but I love it! Cluedo mixed with Resistance mixed with Mysetrium. While it doesn’t have the beauty or cool theming of the latter, it does fix most of the problems I had with it, and is a lot of fun. Lots of yelling and laughing. I recommend this one, gonna try to get it myself.