This is a thread for either retroarch screenshots of ps1 games at native resolution with crt shaders or bad cellphone photos of ps1 games being played on crt tvs.

Eventually I’m going to replay xenogears and meticulously screencap all the towns until I get around to that here’s some screenshots of koudelka and parasite eve


I love Parasite Eve

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Beautiful. Just beautiful

If you please, Rockman 8?

I’ve never played a megaman game I have no idea what I’m doing

I beat my first megaman level


I’m using the “crt-royale-ntsc-320px-composite” shader. they recommend at least a 1440 monitor for this shader, but I’m only at 1080 still. oh well, the screenshots look weird unless you look at them fullscreen but when playing it looks close enough to my faded and unreliable memories of sitting up close to a crappy tiny crt to work for me.

I do need a new monitor though, but those nvidia tv’s they announced recently were the first monitors to sound good enough to be worth getting to me, if they come out with one in a pc monitor size I’ll go for it.


The crt and/or scanline shaders for reshade are good and very adjustable to suit your preferences and actual display. You can do something more clean, akin to a Trinitron monitor. Or more “dirty”, like an older TV, etc.

I have some clean CRT pics is that ok?

I forgot I’m actually 1200 not 1080 so I guess that’s helping and is why I was confused about people talking about the picture being smaller with integer scaling

It’s ok but I think somebody else is going to have to do it unless you have a specific preset in mind cause looking at the settings I don’t have anywhere near the brain power to customize this thing unless I go to a monastery to study old monitor technology for 10 years and I like the result I’m currently getting so I’m also lazy

whatever is going on here it’s probably important

I beat tengu man and all I had to do was stop button smashing and start respecting the gun attached to my arm


Mizzurna Falls - Human, 1998

Mitsubishi Megaview XC-3315c and a Canon 5Dmk2 or SL1 with 35 f/2 or 50 f/1.4
Retroarch, Beetle SW core @ 2560x240 over VGA->RGBHV bnc.


this game

I poke into it every year or so to eyeballtize

HUMAN come back

(and date someone who can write a decent character controller for god’s sake)


there’s a really good crt shaders pack for retroarch here btw:

here are a few of my favs if any of ya’ll need suggestions

Fleamarket TV (RF???)

Boobtube (RGB)

Halation Soft (S-video)

Vintage-Le37 (RF)

Diamond Glass


Aconcagua - SCEJ, 2000

Gamera 2000 - Digital Frontier, 1997

Simple 1500 Series Vol. 30 - The Basket - 1 On 1 Plus - Jorudan, 1998


pft, I’ll give you a crappy photo

(this is actually cheating and wrong because it’s on a PS3 and not outputting 240p but also you wanted a crappy pic)

I was able to use some of these on my little laptop, although for some reason they suddenly stopped working

But on my main computer retroarch won’t even recognize .cgp files as shaders at all. It’s like they don’t exist.

Has anyone had this problem?

When I adjust shaders retroarch usually disables them entirely in a non-menu setting. Open then config file and search for ‘shader’; there should be a line like ‘enable_shaders’:false. Set it to true.

Two generations too new. But here is a flip phone pic I took of Dark Souls 1 PS3 via a nice plasma TV.