Phantasy Star Online 2

This releases in English on the PC in like a day or two. I know nothing except

  • I heard goodish things recently
  • I had so much fun with PSO that I will try every version of PSO ever
  • My current PC situation is lol but I’ll try it anyways


Selectbutts on Ship 3 ok ok

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it’s a PC game from 2012 and it didn’t take much to run on hardware of the day (funnily enough, I ran the ep 3 benchmark on my 2200G for reasons I will not get into here and it was doing 50-60 fps maxed so any GPU that costs more than a hundred bucks will run it)

anyway, the NA version is Windows Store exclusive so I hope you have your Windows Store working seeing as it breaks if you look at it funny

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Oh dang is this an F2P MMO that will have a critical mass of SBers? because I will certainly join a few sessions and never play it again, as is my wont. Like, genuinely playing MMOs for a total of 10 hours with my friends is one of my favorite kinds of Vidgam experiences


you can play blue burst online for free and if anyone ever wants to get Too Deep into that please lord hit me up



(jk I love PSO but like take it to your own thread. I’m here for the nu nu)

PSO2 actually works really well for this because you are climbing up the difficulty ladder as you level up and so you will probably get to experience all the environments in that 10 hours. From that point onwards, you mostly just unlock higher difficulties of the regular stages or in the upper half of the levelling process, side activities with more challenging objectives.

I hit level cap on JP Ship 3 a few years ago and at no point have I ever felt like PSO2 was trying to pressure me into doing any activity at all, it’s just “come hang out” and it’s pretty great as a casual MMO because of that


i plan on playing it for a while casually

I am super hyped. I suckered a bunch of friends into getting really into Monster Hunter World with me during the quarantine, and now I’m posed to abandon them so I can go back to Ragol or where ever we are now.

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I plan on logging on and then remembering that I’ve done all of the on-boarding quests already so the new character I make shoots up to level 20 and then hitting the request grind until it’s time to hit the AQ grind and going to see Miku and Luka in concert so I have the XP buff for whatever bullshit urgent quest is popping

please Sega, please open up new ships, don’t leave it to the 3 from the Xbone launch 2 months ago

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it has gunblades so that’s a plus

the gunblades suck and the class that actually uses gunblades only just launched in the Japanese version, which means we might see it by the end of the year

so uh. what kind of pc would i need to run this


delicious thank u

it runs on the vita sooooo yeah (episode 3 onwards had dubious frame rates on vita though)

i have a 2016 mbp 13" so i think i can get away w/ it, it’s dry cardboard

When I woke up this morning, I had a text from a former IC/SBer informing me that PSO2 is now live on the Windows Store.

surely in the top 10 of terrible things happening in 2020 is Sega dropping Vita support for PSO2 this summer

it’s supposed to mean life

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lets do this please

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d2 is my mhw surrogate is my pso surrogate
these are the only games i play now