perfume and scents thread


any perfume that smells like herbal essences that stuff smells divine.

cdg shit basically
zagorsk from the incense series, the hinoki thing they did for monocle, and dover street market presumably to commemorate the launch of the stores
all woody and sharp, but i only bother with them from later autumn to early spring

CK discontinued Escape for Men a few years ago. Which was my stuff for about 12 years.

Now I simply use this lotion

Lavender isn’t a really “Flowery” scent. I think its a good choice for my man body. It seems to get in your nostrils more than other Lavendaer stuff. Maybe its the Bulgarian Lavender? Anyway, people seem to like it. I have gotten a lot of comments about it.

oh breath of god is one of my faves too! love that it’s relatively cheap too. i got a wee pot of Smuggler’s Soul, their sandalwood one, on sale st Lush a while back and one of my exes just kinda made it theirs

someone once told me to try Mugler’s Angel if i liked that and it’s also good but much sweeter and Fancier (idk what note that is but… you know, like expensive department store lady perfume)

cdg stuff is aces yeah, that black pepper one? lord!

i got a couple from this Sydney joint called Amacyn that strongly smell of just like, polished wooden floors, and i’m into it

Aesop’s Marrakech is an old fave of mine too? amber is a big note for me i think. their Mystra blend had a clanging mix of myrrh and idk rosemary or smth? but they don’t make it now, more’s the pity


no way!!

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All these smells will be lost in time, like smells in rain. Time to smell.


I’ve smelled things you people wouldn’t believe.


what is the goofiest product name ever i’m going for


there was one perfume i had that i didn’t have reactions to and it smelled like old books

but perfume usually gives me a rash and makes me unable to get close to the person using it to attract me. there was a man on the bus with a lot of cologne and my eyes started watering uncontrollably and i was sneezing and coughing. he thought i was faking it and i felt so horrible i wasn’t TRYING to make him feel bad! he was DRENCHED tho, so he probably had run ins with normal people who just didnt like the smell

i have a vial of my dead best friends perfume and i sniff it and cry from emotions and allergies sometimes


andy warhol would change his perfume every six months/annually because our strongest memories are associated with smells, and he wanted people to associate smells with parts of his life


I’ve got this bottle of Artisan (John Varvatos) that I use incredibly sparingly.

interesting to read that, thanks for the info.

I’ve been using tom ford, and gautier for a short while, before i tried Jo Malone and have been using different JMl scents since then…

  • 154 - for work, and more formal occasions
  • Lime&Basil - for work, when it’s hot outside
  • Safran - has been my leisure time/hanging out with friends/going out scent, but has been discontinued and the bottle is almost empty, i dread the day when it’s gone, because i have not found a replacement yet.
  • Woodsage&Sea salt - for rainy days, i. e. mainly early spring, or late autumn

… technically, you even could combine these, but i ended up preferring to use them separately, and for different occasions. No idea why though, that just happened naturally, i guess?

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i just splash on some essential oils? The points that you smell good right? What smells better than pine trees or lavender.

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Cdg black has been my scent for yonks but my bottle is about to be empty and I want something with amber and tobacco. Rag & bone’s Amber scent is beautiful but they don’t seem to sell it in jp.

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Carnal flower is so fukn good tho. And portrait of a lady

This scent is apparently inspired by picnic at hanging rock and named after anais nin. That’s the kinda shit I want from a perfume

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A professor of mine always wore almond Aqua Di Parma. I could eat the air.

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is carnal flower the one that smells like blood or cum or rotten meat or w/e