Path of Exile!

Game seems fun, but I can’t decide whether I should get this! Thoughts?

I don’t think I can commit for a full playthrough but I’d be up for some co-op dungeoneering

how’s it compare to say ffxiv

Aren’t the new six acts recycled maps, so it’s just a difficulty system under a guise?

deeply skeptical but I would give it a shot, I’m mostly just messing with the long dark story mode until sonic and then absolver

It’s been a while since I’ve last played this game, but I will totally give it a try.

So how are we standing on this. I’m up for playing it. I never did co-op in PoE… But that should be fun, right?

P.S. please play with me :sad:

This weekend I’m already booked but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday should be good! Maybe you’ll have time too? I’ll hit u up then!

Hey, I’ve been playing this thing (for the first time) recently. I’d be up for some multiplayer.

I’d like to try co-oping as well.

Weekdays are a bit uncertain for me wrt playing times. Sometimes I can’t others I can. Hard to tell when in advance. Weekends should be easier to block off some time.

@jsnlxndrlv @Panoptic @Iacus Someone needs to throw out a specific time frame. I’ll do everything to make it

I’m available most weekdays 6pm - 11pm CEST (CET after the 29th) and most weekends pt much any time after 12am. I have a couple of appointments in the coming weeks, but in general that’s my schedule.

I’d be able to play for a bit. 1 to 1.5 hours realistically

ol’ dirty DewGoddess4_2_0 and I played through the first act recently and it was tons o’ fun! Looking forward to going at it again. I really need to figure out my build… Come join, everybody! I’m sure we can just go through Act 1 again to level you guys up or something. If that’s how it works. I really don’t know, I suck at this game and I’ve played it for over 40 hours!

Yo remember when we played that weird D&D Online game, that was good times

Damn, 3.3.0 is coming soon and now I want that new Incinerate! Just look at it:

Let me see if I can find the trailer for this new league, which is actually expansion sized…

I’m on a total PoE kick right now. I even traded for the first time ever. It was glorious. And I finally made it past Act 3, which previously was where I’d quit and start all over again, because my builds sucked. But this time I’m following a build made by someone else and it rules. It’s a deadeye ranger build with tornado shot and barrage. It’s fun to play.

I’m on act 6 right now, pretty close to the end of it and this game is just so… Meaty. It’s got great content out the wazoo and is still introducing new things and mechanics. Pantheon and stuff. I got Vaal fractures that I don’t know what to do with yet. It’s pretty great.

I’m also digging the lore and story now, whereas before I didn’t pay attention to it. My favorite pieces have to be Kitava’s Hunger I-III. Really cool story about the gods of PoE.

Kitava’s Hunger I

Arohongui, Daughter of the Moon, was preparing for a feast to celebrate Tukohama’s return from his war on the First Ones of the Ezomytes. Tawhoa, Son of the Forest, asked each of the birds to sacrifice one of their kind for the feast. He gave these offerings to Arohongui who cooked them in a great fire-stone pit.

Seeing all of those plump birds cooking made Kitava very hungry, and he offered to watch them, to make sure they didn’t burn while Arohongui rested during the heat of the day. Arohongui thanked Kitava for his kindness, but while she slept, Kitava ate the cooking birds, flesh, bones, gizzards and all.

Upon waking, Arohongui was furious to find Kitava had lied to her, for saying that he would watch the birds when he truly intended to eat them all up. When Tukohama arrived home in his mighty canoe, Aohongui asked him to punish Kitava for his selfish gluttony.

Tukohama, our Father of War, agreed and pulled the sharpest tooth from his own mouth. He then asked Arohogui and Tawhoa to hold Kitava fast while he cut Kitava’s face with the tooth. Two slashes that blinded Kitava and formed a bleeding cross upon his face.

From that day forth, Kitava would never be able to promise to watch that which he truly intended to consume.

Narrated by Slave Utula
Transcribed by Irwen of Theopolis

Kitava’s Hunger II

To replace the feast of birds that Kitava had greedily consumed, Tukohama, our Father of War, and Valako, Father of Storm, went fishing.

Although Kitava was blind, he could still cast his line and feel when a fish took his bait. So Tukohama and Valako took him with them on Tukohama’s mighty canoe.

But while they fished, Kitava grew hungry and secretly ate all of their bait of grubs and worms. Disgusted and angry, Tukohama and Valako decided to use Kitava as bait instead. Valako used his own jawbone as a hook, impaled Kitava on it, and cast both into the sea.

Kitava sank to the bottom of the sea, but instead of the fish eating Kitava, it was Kitava who ate all of the fish that nibbled at him, flesh, scales, guts and all.

When Tukohama and Valako hauled a fat-bellied Kitava back up from the sea, they were even more furious, and knew that Kitava must be punished one final time.

Narrated by Slave Utula
Transcribed by Irwen of Theopolis

Kitava’s Hunger III

Tukohama, our Father of War, and Valako, Father of Storm, took Kitava to Hinekora, Mother of Death.

They asked her to kill the greedy Kitava, for surely their tribe would starve if Kitava continued to live among them. But Hinekora refused, for death would not teach Kitava the lesson he needed to learn.

Instead, Hinekora beat Kitava with a whip woven of her own hair. To Kitava, each strand was a searing lash, and so he wore thousands and thousands of blistering lashes across his back as Hinekora drove him relentlessly into the darkest corner of the underworld. There she left him to suffer, without water or food, for the rest of eternity.

And there Kitava remained, in the darkness of Hinekora’s night-clad island for time beyond measure. There he suffered, waiting for the day that he could return to the world of light to slake his scorching thirst and satiate his ravening hunger.

Narrated by Slave Utula
Transcribed by Irwen of Theopolis



Sounds like a good place to slake your scorching thirst and satiate your ravening hunger!

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So this is coming to PS4. It might be out already, idk?

Cool trailer!