Overwatch or other tightly paced shooters

I’m probably gonna start playing this soon. Been feeling like a multiplayer shooter with tighter pacing. Rather than these large spread out games, which are getting a lot of press right now (Fortnight, PUBG, H1Z1).

Anyone here play Overwatch or something kinda like that, regularly/semi-regularly? PS4 or PC?

*Overwatch is on winter sale right now

I’m always willing to get back into titanfall 2 and dongle was talking up rainbow six siege lately

Not sure I’m interested in Ranibow Size siege right now. Every video I watched today, players would go 2+ minutes without seeing or at least engaging an enemy. I’m looking for something with class/team play aspects, but with a tight and higher pace.

I miss Bad Company 2

Does Titanfall 2 still have decent sized playerbase?

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not at all

I fired up Q3A the other week, still think this genre was perfected in the late 90s as everything since has been noise


I mean I guess they could spit out a 20th anniv HD ultraremaster and I’d pick it up

I LOVE Quake 3

I also loved Unreal Tournament 2k4 and slightly less, UT3.

I’m pretty sure they have a new Quake in beta or something. Same with Unreal Tournament. Though I think the Unreal game is much further from being final.

and there’s always Quake Live. Which is basically Quake 3 with modern matchmaking etc

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Completely forgot about Quake Champions wow

I really hope it hasn’t got perk nonsense in it

quake champions is pretty good (but not markedly more compelling than titanfall 2), the new UT is this weird free (and possibly open source) and unfortunately extremely lousy literal re-interpretation of the original in UE4 which appears to have like one developer on it

Can the stupid XP/damage messages be turned off?

Lawbreakers seems to be a class/champion based Unreal Tournament. Quake Champions is also class based.

Why would they sully Quake with classes, what a pointless gesture

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we can play skulltag everyone
@meauxdal and I japed months ago about maybe getting people together for SOLDAT? (a great time) and I would be down to resurrect SELECT BUTTON PLAYS for any forgotten FPS ever, including NeoTokyo, again.


I could be wrong, but it looks like the characters have some unique skills/moves, in addition to being able to pickup the typical set of quake weaponry.

Whereas Overwatch is very strictly about what each individual character can and cannot do. And seems to stress team play and team balance, a lot more.

The only multiplayer FPSes worth playing are Battlegrounds and The Opera

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I assume you mean the Half-Life American Revolution based mod Battlegrounds? Because that is awesome.

I really wanted to push for regular retro FPS nights but I’d be gunning for oddball stuff like Psycho Circus and Nerf Arena Blast.


I want to slowly turn SB into a Psycho Circus clan page.

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Pretty sure I logged more hours of Battlegrounds than CS.

Not that I was any better at it.

Yeah, it’s pointless and it’s probably the way they thought they had to sell Quake in the year of our lord 2017 but luckily it doesn’t affect all that much.

The actual truly confounding thing about the characters is that some have Quake 1 physics and some have Quake 3 physics so you get to choose if you want to bunny hop or strafe jump which is fucking weird if you ask me.