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Look at this jerk and his expensive ass 16:9 pro tube


Seattle Goodwill has a 19" Sony Profeel KX-1901 listed on eBay for a quick 50 boners, local pickup only shucks.


posted on reddit today




I just passed one of those up at that crazy AV equipment estate sale. Major regrets there.


Whatever I used, it wasn’t this same model. The one I used had a button on it you could press which I think said “monitor” or “monitor mode” and it made the picture look better. Like cleaner and better resolution. Kinda like the super resolution feature that later, large Trinitron tvs had.

*this was some time around the release of Final Fantasy 9 or Final Fantasy 10, that I played Hydro Thunder in this context.


I’ve acquired a video monitor. The case is beat to hell, but the screen seems perfect.


Sony Profeel in The Rise and Fall of a Small Film Company - Jean-Luc Godard, 1986


Uh, I think we need to hold SB meetup 3 in Texas now, y’all


I would agree…


Long as it’s still in late Autumn!


From the art institute of chicago, some girl I know posted this on insta


Still need to visit Texas in order to catch 'em all (my journey to visit all 50 states has stalled at 40) so hell yeah I’ll go to Texas.


I am envisioning a Hornet livery mod


check out this Korean dude’s wild and amazing setup

badboy is running the linux groovymame distro on a FM Towns ux20 (i’m assuming just as a monitor but still)

consolized mvs in a Neogeo X shell? into a 20L5? now that’s playin with power.

is that like a 38" bare crt grafted onto half a viewlix cab? wow


I was looking up videos of Korean arcades because some guy listed a CWC-203, which is a vinyl-covered-plywood and plastic low rent candy cab made by Samducksa/Crown, on Facebook marketplace for $100 but then sold it to someone else before me and now daddy is real disappointed.

also some guy has had a real jacked up Aero City listed in the area for like a year, with like diamond plate all over it, a corroded monitor surround, and a chopped up sf2 control panel but this dummy wants like $600

and then some reseller in the San Marcos area has a Blast City with some kind of replacement monitor but they want Seventeen Hundred Boners

real tough out there in the big real world


21" Super Famicom Naizou TV SF1 - Sharp, 1990
Currently listed on YJA in Hokkaido for less than a hundo.


real good


Arcade Projects user hursit, complete hero, working on making an accurate Capcom Mini Cute replica.


peep those sweet Taito MT-2 cabs @ 1m26s

and the Namco Consolette 18 cuties @ 2m33s

the v.serious Capcom New Concept II @ 3m17s

the year of grey continues with the Jaleco Pony Mark II 19 @ 5m46s