Output Devices


ayasuke2’s 8" SC-19 mini clone from mid-2016ish

setsuhiwa’s more bartopish SC-19 clones from 2017


I want a surf green consolette WTF


praise be to Him, all praise is due to Him


If I did rap chains I would consider getting an iced out Astro City





I would like one of those now, what’s the model?



think it’s a kv-6pr1




Can you find the Moogle?

  • nice juice box

And wtf controllers on the floor


look at this thing gotta be some kinda converted megatouch bar sadness machine. love it.


thinking about midi stacks lately


I’ve posted this guy’s vidz before, but he has a bunch of midi module stuff on there.


One of the many reasons that I’ve never allowed myself an eBay account.


Sony PVM-1390 from the late 80s.

Super neat looking 450tvl pseudo desktop monitor, has oddball 25pin RGB connection like others of its era. Apparently has little feet on the back that allow you to adjust the tilt.

One of these cuties on eBay right now for a quick $85; sadly local pickup only in San Diego. Everything cool is in California.


Listed for a couple weeks at $80 in Las Vegas, a thoroughly abused Konami Domy Jr. Seems to have its plexi cut up with an LCD botch job for good measure.

The 1991 release of the Domy Jr. seems to have been what eventually became of the Domy HV cab concept; its wacky domed cover and fresnel lens ditched, and with various tweaks to the casing.


Some guy from reddit’s CRT listings running the MGS intro on this behemoth

An NEC XG135LC projector that weighs 150lbs. He is including a free ceiling mount.


i don’t know how good the monitor was, but it was really nice-looking.


asking @Victor a dumb question over in the NINJA WARRIORSSAVIORS ONCE AGAIN thread led me to thinking: how can I do something somewhat equally ridiculous with a probably worse result

PS4>HDMI to SDI adapter (hey did you know that micro HDMI ports are flimsy, delicate flowers)>a capture card not meant for dumb video games>AmaRecTV (somehow the combo of the capture card and AmaRec produces no input lag)>some ViewSonic CRT computer monitor I have around for some reason

(probably the only good photo my terrible phone got)

I swear it looks good in person (it doesn’t help that I turned the scanline setting up to 10 instead of 9)