Output Devices


Apple Macintosh Portrait Display - 1989
15". 640x870.

Radius FPD, 1988


This thread is making me so wistful


reddit suggested recently that with a dot pitch of 0.22mm the 900 TVL BVM-14E5U is the sharpest tube Sony (anyone, prob?) ever manufactured. I’m not sure if this is inclusive of all late-game HD/PC stuff as it was phrased as a PVM/BVM-specific question but still.


That little rectangle on the floor, I played the PSX version of Hydro Thunder on a TV like that. Not sure if its the exact one or even the same brand. But similar size/shape. Full color. It had a “monitor” mode which made the picture look REALLY good. The pixel density plus that mode, It made Hydro Thunder look more like a Dreamcast game.


Dinosaur King, Mushi King, Love and Berry, Sega - 2004-2005

Various awesome and wonderful conversions of these Aurora mini cabs, all/most from the UKVac, Arcade-Projects & Jamma+ forums.


Sega Aero Table

Capcom SF2 Cocktail Cab, dunno if this one has a more official name or was available in other capacities?

SNK Candy 26



Youtube user BB o HK’s Rasberry Pi3 powered Wave 1/12-scale Astro City replica, result and build photos. He’s also got a working version of the Viewlix model, but who cares about a Viewlix get real. Used a bare 2.2" LCD. I wonder if someone real smart could say cram a 3" CRT tube into one of these and build some kind of full-arcade diorama around it to hide all the depth/required components :thinking:

I guess prob. not.


Somebody post pics of one of those pacman tables. The A&W in my hometown had one. But they closed like 15 years ago…


LaCie Electron 22 Blue IV

I lusted after this monitor when I was younger, and now people just give them away for free.

Specs stolen from CNET:

Display Type
CRT monitor / CRT
CRT Type
DIAMONDTRON NF - aperture grille
Native Resolution
2048 x 1536 at 86 Hz
Controls & Adjustments
Brightness, contrast, H/V position, H/V size, convergence, degauss, V linearity, purity
Dimensions (WxDxH)
19.5 in x 18.6 in x 19.4 in
Viewable Size
Pixel Pitch
0.24 mm
Screen Coating
G-WARAS coating
Horizontal Refresh Rate
140 kHz
Vertical Refresh Rate
160 Hz
LaCie Ltd.



Konami Domy H.V. - 1989
Apparently too pure and righteous for this world, this 24khz capable, fresnel lens equipped curvy space machine seems to have not been released commercially? There are these photos of it at expos in '89-90 but seemingly no surviving examples. Is that fold out metal ring thing a drink holder, or like for ashtrays? Only wow.


Finally, a sit down arcade cabinet with a purse hook


My father had one of these Radius full page monitors hooked up to a Quadra 800. It had a swivel so you cold rotate it between portrait and landscape. It was a pretty intricate design to accommodate the heft of the CRT. I remember it would automatically switch the picture mode for you when you rotate it… something I haven’t seen anywhere in modern displays.


SB mode.



Sweet. Was it one like this?

That cut out corner :kissing_closed_eyes::ok_hand:

Peep this hot tot:

From a rare Apple Lisa computer to the original rainbow-colored signs from the Cupertino offices there have been some great Apple items up for auction as of late. Now you can add “rare Mac prototype” to that list.

A prototype model made out of painted foam, this alternate Macintosh LC model was built in 1989 by Apple’s Industrial Design Group and Matrix Product Design (which later became IDEO). Unlike the actual Mac LC that shipped it has a vertically-oriented screen: possibly targeted toward the business world, rather than the artistic, publishing and educational markets that the Mac traditionally sold to at the time.


That’s the one! I remember the cut out corner distinctly. He had a 21" or so monitor next to it that only supported 16 shades of gray. I remember playing with after dark on it constantly and thinking how amazing it would be in color. I do not remember the brand nor the resolution.

Edit: Maybe Sigma Designs?


Hitachi Beam-Index CRT, RCA CC-30 Viewfinder - 1983

What makes the Hitachi CRT unique is that it utilizes beam index technology, producing a color image with one gun, one electron beam and no shadow mask or color selection mechanism.

Smallest color CRT, just edging out the

Panasonic CT 101A - 1984

Sony & Sanyo both later prototype and seemingly don’t market Watchman-like flat-tube color versions using similar tech

Sony IDX-5000 - 1987

Sony KVX-370 Indextron Watch Cube - 1988
There you go Internet Maker Community turn this into a little baby City.


I desperately want a tiny CRT for my desk now

Thanks a lot!!


These are cool.


SNK MV25TA-0 - 1990
SNK produced another, cooler cocktail variant in addition to the SNK Candy 26 Table. This one in their, I think, initial batch of cabinet offerings for the MVS. It’s got a sweet tilting screen.

This one more of an oddity. I believe, as of yet, mostly unidentified similar SNK cocktail cabinet design. This one doesn’t have the tilting screen, has a more typical fully-flat glass top and different control panel.


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