Norman Skye

this fella made the rounds on twitter earlier


see, the dorsal fin helps him cool off after the gun show


so animals eat other animals?

Are things I have no interest in playing, yes.

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no spelunky or necrodancer or nuclear throne, even?

I’ve come across some creatures that looked kind of silly. But then, plenty of creatures in old science fiction movies and artwork looked a little ridiculous. And sometimes that sort of thing can be amusing.

When I was playing Bloodborne, I had fun with the chalice dungeons but I couldn’t help but think that they violated one of the important principles of world design in those games. I like how you can study the ground or a random wall without finding repeated textures, let alone repeated overall structures. Finding the same room you saw a while ago but with different colors and minor details is something that only happens in other games.

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Spelunky I played like three rooms of and was like, oh, okay.

Necrodancer does nothing for me.

I guess Nuclear Throne looks pretty cool.

I really, really, really, really. Really. Like level design.


pfffft. talk to me when strafe comes out. gonna honeypot you so bad.

spelunky has a whole bunch of level design


Yeah I would say Spelunky is procedural but hardly random or lacking in direct intent.

honestly, spelunky’s progression is so bafflingly non-random i’m hesitant to call it roguelikey at all

Procedural is a loaded word. let’s call it Computer-assisted level design ?

@wourme Every planet is a single biome. So, no, you won’t find that

i wish the creatures in this game were like procedural collages of slimy cubes and pyramids clipping through each other, not dinosaurs


They said things get weirder as you approach the galactic core, so I’m still hoping for some really out there stuff in the late game

Apparently people aren’t naming planets after Donald Trump en masse but instead Harambe? So there are I don’t know how many planets and plants and species now called Harambe

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I’ve run out of names for things. I love the soundtrack. I agree with @Mr_Mechanical this game is a wonderful time sink. I’m on the Atlas path because I believe it will lead me to the most alien language knowledge. I like that is is divisive. If Jim Sterling hates it, it must be awesome.

He doesn’t hate it in his video that I saw. He just thought it was meh.

I’m not enjoying this at all, and I want my money back. It seems like the most common aspect of enjoyment that positive comments on the game appear to be “it’s good to chill out to”, but I’ll pick my own games to chill out to instead of being told what’s meant to be relaxing.

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