Norman Skye

So, Norman’s Sky comes out in 3 days.

Currently considering paying the full price big bucks to play it immediately and start naming things.

How big a % of the galaxy will me named “Donald Trump”, do you reckon?

Any folks here going to pick it up now, or will you wait for early impressions/sales?

Not sure what to do myself. I mean, the new Deus Ex comes out later in the month as well…

This is the No Man’s Sky thread now!

I am definitely interested in giving this a shot, but I just recently decided to start Animal Crossing 3DS, two different Pokemon games, Hyper Light Drifter and Odin Sphere … so I think I will be holding off a bit to see the initial impressions.

I’m thinking as far as these big endless procedural universe games go, it will fall somewhere in the middle of Minecraft and Spore.
So probably about 20 hours of marvelling at all the seemingly endless possibilities before you feel like you’ve seen all the different content and another 30 or so hours before it has worn out its welcome. So basically how I felt about Skyrim

You know that little mental friction you get when you watch a video of like Tetris or a metroidvania and the person makes “wrong” choices? Watching vids of this game is like that times one billion


I briefly saw a video of a guy play the leaked version, and at one point he was struggling with the crafting system to advance in the early game. I wanted to yell at him bc he had all the info he needed right there on the screen.

Anyway, squeezing 20 hours of genuine enjoyment + some additional fooling around out of this game is good enough for me. I prefer that to them dilating the experience by making the progression excessively slow. I don’t have unlimited time to play games anymore.

This looks like it’ll have just the right amount of carrots dangling on sticks to make it compelling + a really nice sense of design so, yeah. I’d be willing to bet that this will be worthwhile.

Plus, they’ll likely add more systems and stuff as they patch the game, I’m pretty sure.

(joke about an entirely new galaxy sold as $15 DLC that’s just a new value for the RNG seed)

a lot of the early feedback is people saying “oh huh it’s just a relatively easy survival game” which was starting to become clear for a little while now

I prebought it on steam yesterday when I saw that the CAD price was only $66 instead of $80. I’m still ambivalent, mostly, but looking forward to trying it out

i keep seeing this game referred to as NMS and my first thought is always

moved this to KOP btw

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it’s getting a gog release so no denuvo bullshit.

idk that I would characterize windows DRM that actually works for the first time in over a decade as “bullshit” (particularly when in practice it means that only indie games get pirated) but that’s definitely still nice

I played a few hours of this last night

I like the minecraftiness of it and the ability to actually explore a planet (however meaningless such exploration might actually be) is really nice

that said elite: dangerous has much weightier sensibilities as far as ship physics goes and I like piloting ships very much in E:D even if it’s just space truckers the video game

I’m looking forward to playing more though, it DOES feel like I’m barely scratching the surface of what will be a very big game

I plan to try this game out tonight on PS4, assuming my copy arrives on time. I suspect that I will unwisely stay up all night.

“Noctis with stuff to do”, as I’ve been saying.

I’m ok with that.

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After watching more videos, I caved in and bought it.

I hope it doesn’t suck!

can you crash ships into planets?

I keep seeing this game referred to as Norman’s Sky and my first thought is always


Ships can break and be destroyed, so I guess you can

There is fall damage also

Nice. Of course I couldn’t be the only one clever jokester around. Cool that they made a jam game though

I’ve been playing this an awful lot. I wasn’t good in the beginning, but I’m getting better. This is distracting me from other games that demand my attention. I dig the soundtrack. Space is cool. It feels like a Kubrick space movie the game. That’s all I got for now.

I usually can’t stand the way ships look in scifi videogames cause they’re usually overdesigned transformers shit but I’ve liked the ones in all the pictures of I’ve seen of this game so far

I plan to get into E:D when they finally finish with their planetary landing stuff.

That said, I also appreciate the more instant gratificationy pick-up-and-play version that NMS offers