Name Your Zelda Name

The other day we recorded an episode of snexploration squad. It was about A Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. And somewhere near the end I asked the most important question in the history of podcasts:

What name do you name your Link?

I take naming things very seriously*. It brings me much pleasure. There is absolutely no way I would have played hundreds of hours of Pokemons if they didn’t let you name your friends. But my Link is always named Link. I used that name in the first game and I will continue using it until the last one (I am planning on outliving Nintendo).

When Ocarinas of Time came out my sister played it (her first Zelda) and her Link was named “Ratboy”. This was very upsetting, seeing all these elf children and organ grinders and such bullying poor Ratboy. I did not like watching her play the game. I considered that a hateful act.

Thankfully none of my podcast pals chose names as tasteless as Ratboy, and I felt we all grew closer after that exchange.

So let’s give it a shot, here, on select button. Let’s all share our Zelda names, and grow closer, tonight.

Thank you.

*Except for my account name on here, and on Discord. I didn’t think I’d ever post, or chat, so I just chose something that wouldn’t attract attention. This was clearly a mistake. It’s impossible for me to be anonymous. I’m eyecatch personified. I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll be haunted by these dumb names until the day I log off.


my link to the past save files before dying were: polio, xanax and paxil. they sound cute. i almost always do polio for games but for some reason dragon quest wont let me be polio. what do you have against polio, dragon quest???


i always pick E-40 or Guro depending if im playing wind waker or link’s awakening




… yeaaaaah, i wish too that i’d have been so cool as a kid.
Someone better get the ZELDA joke out of the way quickly, because i won’t.

accidentally named him NNOONN since I couldn’t figure out how the menu worked.


i am lazy and name most things Booji.

So yeah, FF14, know you are special for getting GUNGLEMESS CHEEVOS.


I use either Max or June, which are names of some of my Original The Characters but also kinda, aliases? Like i’ve used both as fake names when signing up for websites since HS (Max is an old in-joke nickname, June is my birth month)

Lunk SisBros.



Link. It’s me, the guy who always just uses the “official” name or my own name.


I went with “Gr. Mario” for my last Zelda 2 playthrough.


Open up every Zelda game I’ve ever played and file #1 will be “Link.”

Subsequent playthroughs will be “John.”

This is who I am.

Though I’ve been playing Zelda games with my partner lately and she picks the names and it’s always Zoomzoom or Piggle or something and she’s just so much cooler than me, who is a motherfucking dork.


Solved your next Zelda character’s name for you.


Lank mostly.
In oot Ive used You There.

I think I tried to name Epona HondaXR250L but it wouldn’t fit.
Which is odd because I called my own Honda XR250L Yakuru after the elk/ibex in Princess Mononoke but it never occurred to me to name epona that.

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I started playing Crystalis recently and named my dude Chad.

dunno why, but i did

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Thanks, but unfortunately I’m too big a dork to name my Zelda protag dork.


John Tekken


I named my link Cania this time but I used to name every single character “Billy” or “Lily.”

I made @daphaknee cackle when i said this, apparently it is very funny

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Being my first video game not quite having the the hang of UI and being young enough that I really didn’t grasp reading much less in English in Link to the Past me and my dad (mostly dad) beat the game while named “AAAAAAAA”

Pretty much every game I ever played though (even the Final Fantasy’s where it really doesn’t make much sense considering how defined they are as characters) I always name the main character Ymer. I think the only argument I have for it is that when a character actually uses my name in the game and I read it it take like 5 microseconds shorter for my brain to process “this character is specifically addressing my own player character right now” which makes just slightly more engaged.