My favorite drink is water with no ice and my favorite game is Street Fighter

Hello friends. Street Fighter 6 is out tonight and I’m very excited. I thought I might never wholly enjoy a fighting game ever again, cuz lately they’ve all kinda stunk, and made for babies. But a few years back Capcom decided to get back to making good games and SF6, it is good. I am basing this on the beta I played for 30 hours straight last month. I cannot promise the final product will be as good. But the beta had incredibly good netcode and lots of avatar customization and it had some good feeling buttons. It also had some good characters. Let’s talk about them:


  • Ryu from Streets: Has a beard now, wears sandals, has a pretty robust toolkit and is very fun to play (in my experience), maybe the bare feet were holding him back.

  • Ken Masters:wears shoes (not looking it up but I think they’re like Timbs), lost his fortune investing in crypto (this is canon), bad father.

  • Chun-Li: Still has strong legs and knows if you’re ogling them, wears slippers, still a cop.

  • Guile: Wears shoes, has eyebrows now, I’m sorry I called him a “flat top pussy” that one time, that was crossing a line, even though he is a troop.

  • Zangief: Got them long boys, does not have a hairway to Steven, can do the Jackhammer (like Goldberg) and other moves that highlight how pro-wrestling very often looks kinda kinda gay.

  • Dhalsim: I assume he is barefoot but I am not going to bother confirming because if I’m wrong no one will notice because almost nobody plays Dhalsim outside of Super Turbo. Prove me wrong, folks! Prove me wrong.

  • Blanka: Wears overalls, doesn’t wear shoes, unfortunately people do play Blanka, am not looking forward to getting balled to death by that freak.

  • Edmond Honda: Wears sandals, can dash cancel into his command grab, Hundred Hand Slap is now a command input special rather than a button mash (which is a universal change for all old characters, I think), loves Line stickers, you cannot say no one plays Honda because I am going to play Honda.

  • Deejay: Sandals, near complete overhaul, has some kind of super that I think works like a mini rhythm game, looks like he may be very powerful, could it be the sandals? Could be.

  • Cammy: Wears pants, no buns out, no soles on display either, this means it’s the best she’s ever looked, thank you Capcom, thank you, shame about the Union Jack on her jacket though, maybe her alt colors will remedy that.

  • Juri: Barefoot and loving it too much, they really went all old modeling all the wrinkles on those piggies, that is one reason why I have faith this game will be good: because Street Fighter is for perverts.


  • Marisa: Giant muscle lady gladiator, possibly the greatest FG character design of the decade, think her default costume is wearing ankle wraps, do not know if her alt colors have different nail polish but am eager to find out (for aesthetic reasons), looks like she’s Italian and not Greek (the third way) but no matter what she is a winner and has armor on like all her moves so she is probably the game’s #1 scrub killer, go Marisa.

  • Luke: The game’s new mascot. UFC guy who joins a PMC is maybe the worst possible gimmick in SF history but Luke’s VA has done lots of heavy lifting and now I do not hate this character. Miracles can happen. He seems to be into synthol injections, Family Guy, and letting you know barefoot is legal.

  • JP: Old man with a surprisingly ample bottom and a full screen command grab. Can’t see his feet but they’re surely expertly manicured. Once again, he has a full screen command grab which is the coolest thing in the world, looking forward to losing many games due to me stupidly spamming it and whiffing every time.

  • Jamie: Very pretty, from Hong Kong, does some of that drunken master shit, when he gets fully blasted he unzips his shirt and lets his hair down but does not remove his sneakers. Those stay on.

  • Lily: She’s related to T.Hawk, I think? She has these two big paddle-like things she bops people with. I did not look at her feet cuz she’s like 12.

  • Kimberly: Her master is Guy from Final Fight so she has all his moves but they don’t seem to suck shit. She wears sneakers and earbuds. I am tired of writing about these characters now.

  • Manon: She is French.


Look I’m gonna go make dinner, I didn’t think I’d write so many words about fighting game feet. This game seems pretty smartly designed though, it’s like the complete opposite of SF5, most characters have their complete toolkit from the start of the round and they’ve drawn elements from many of the past games (parries, focus attacks, dash cancels, alpha counters) and tied them to the drive meter, which is at the top of the screen somewhere. I’m sure you can look up some Sajam video on youtube that explains all that shit if you really care.

Wait here’s one maybe. I haven’t watched it but maybe it’s good.

Also if you have ever gone “I hate doing fireball inputs, they are too hard” you can just play this game like Smash now thanks to “Modern Controls”. Don’t ask me how they work, I haven’t tried them, some folks seem to enjoy them though, maybe give them a shot.

There’s also a ton of single player shit I’ll never play but some folks say it’s like Yakuza, maybe that’ll appeal to you.

Anyway you should buy this game and join the Select Button Club regardless of your skill level. The game supports crossplay so there are no borders, Xbox and PlayStation and PC can all fight each other, it is wonderful. I don’t know what joining a Club actually does but I do know what I’m going to be naming it so look forward to that, will post the details once this game unlocks, God I’m so sick of fucking waiting, the only reason I wrote all this garbage is cuz I’m fiending so bad, fighting games are the only games I truly love, fuck, I can’t wait to make strangers rage quit!!


PS5 compatible Arcade stick recommendations please.

I’m totally clueless when it comes to modern tech. Hopefully someone else knows something. I’m still using the same Mad Catz TE stick from 2009.

It’s got a Brook Universal Fighting Board in it so I’ve been able to use it on pretty much anything with a USB port. Looks if I wanted to use it on PS5 I’d have to buy an upgrade board. If I ever have the means to attend tourneys again made I’d do that.

Installation was pretty easy for me, a guy who is very bad with things like wires and screws and such. No soldering. Recommend going that route if you already have a stick you’re happy with. Think they may also have USB dongles that don’t introduce much input lag.

Think last night Razer unveiled some hitbox knockoffs but they use proprietary keycaps so if they break you gotta buy a whole new controller so fuck that.

I know @Grandpa recently got a leverless controller, dunno if it’s PS5 compatible though.


This is the first game in a while that I’ve seen has had a PC benchmark released for it:

Convinced me that I actually can run this game at a solid 60 FPS if I turn the graphics settings down to the absolute lowest and 720p even with my 960M in this gaming laptop.


What, no Adon?

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I played Abel in IV and Laura for the majority of V so I was gonna main Manon, but Kim got me hooked in the beta.

I can’t connect to any matches at the moment so I’m running through Kimberly’s combo trials.

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Hi my guy is Bruce McCulloch as Danzig I guess.

And my CFN ID is BattleRascal, feel free to send me a friend invite.

And the club is StreeOverlords, I can invite you if you send me a friend request or you can just request to join I think by doing a search? Please join, I have no clue what this does but I like to see numbers go up and I fancy the idea of people repping StreeOverlords.

I’ll probably put together fight nights on the Beautiful Game discord sooner or later. If you’re welcome on SB and want some chill games feel free to join. I refuse to go easy on anyone but I ain’t gonna bully no one either…but heck…you can bully me…if you’re strong enough. :shuffle:


i made gold rank off my placement matches… i’ll take it; a couple w’s were down to the wire coin tosses


If I somehow lose my mind and put money down on this by the end of the weekend we will surely establish who among us is the Hobo Superior, or just a keen observer of RE Engine Foot Modelling

I have not been good/acceptable at a Street Fighter since 3S!

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Will be playing the week after next since I’m gonna be on holiday instead of day 1’ing it. Will keep my eye out for the SB club. See you in Streets

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Oh wow, I figured I’d get through the single player campaign on steam deck but questioning the viability of that now. The World Tour mode on low settings drained the battery from 50% down to 5% in like 10 minutes.

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Day 1 Honda is incredibly fun, what the fuck

The online stuff is best in class by far, trying to think of a feature I wish was in and I can’t. That’ll surely change but right now I’m amazed Capcom made a game that actually functions, never mind that it offers all this quality of life shit the genre’s sorely needed for decades now. I’d be going gaga for the instant rematches alone!!


Yeah, the one I got just uses a Pico Pi with GP2040 firmware (well, the one that was cheap and good, the one that was expensive has a middle of the road Brook board, sucks to use though). So, y’know. Amazing on PC and Switch, presumably PS3, but that’s it!

Did they not do the legacy stick thing this time around on Playstation? I guess the Brook USB adapter is the best/easiest option to keep folks from having to buy another stick.

Anyway I went to New Zealand yesterday (:smiling_imp:) and wound up playing a ton of the story mode. I mean, what felt like a ton, I’m sure I’ve barely scratched the surface of it. Playing it like I would a Yakuza game, slamming energy drinks mid-match. Chun Li hits hard, but fake Red Bulls got me through.

Need to mess around with arcade mode some more, get a feel for everyone. Really like using Marisa so far, saw they gave Blanka some real devious GG Venom style set ups with his little plushie he can throw around.


can you make multple characters, and can you dress up the canon characters?

You can save multiple characters as presets but I think only the body mould and not the clothing (probably since clothing can effect your CaC fighting stats). Can also upload and download other people’s CaCs but (I think) only with character codes since there is no browser for creations. You can then switch between those presets but each time you do you need to pay 50 drive currency things. You seem to get more by just playing the game mostly online, doing dailies and stuff. This is the same currency which you can buy premium clothing and accessories with (for comparison cheap clothes seem to cost 2000 while expensive ones are 4000). No idea how stingy they’ll be about giving it out since they also have another currency you can buy the same clothes with that you get by just paying real money for.

Seems like canon characters will just get set costumes like the previous games. There is a CaC online fighting mode though but there you’re fighting unranked with all your lvls and moves from the single player so I expect that’s going to be hella grindy to keep up in. Not sure if you can fight CaC vs CaC offline?

EDIT: You can make a character in the free offline demo and that one can then be transferred over into the full game if you buy it.


I have this game on playstation but haven’t played yet. My id is winkerwatson. You are welcome selectbutton.


all of this sounds awful. why can only soul calibur manage to get this stuff right?

the situation with fightsticks on PS5 is

all PS4-compatible sticks are compatible with PS5

EDIT: only “officially licensed” PS4 fightsticks are guaranteed to work on PS5. so, if you are using a stick that cracked the PS4 controller DRM rather than paying Sony, it probably won’t work

however, it is up to the developer to enable support for PS4 fightsticks

so far i believe nearly every fighting game released on PS5 supports PS4 fightsticks with the notable exception of the Rumble Fish 2 PS5 port


“An up-and-coming jewelry designer from Italy who claims ancestry to ancient Greek warriors. As a child, she was inspired by a vision of the Colosseum in its prime” so it looks like Marisa just covers all the bases, bet we’re related somehow, my family also loves making up bullshit about their ancestry too, thank God most of them died before they could take one of those awful DNA tests, don’t think they would have coped very well with that shit


now i want to know if any pro fighters irl do their own jewelry

ltd branding collabs with big watchmakers don’t count, they have to at least 3d print something from blender

does marisa use a 3d printer? does she have strong opinions about mining ethics? could she hold court with a shurgg on forging tech? could she make a video like these floridian freaks? where does she sit on a scale from idk etsy store to thomas sabo chain empire?