MUWT 2: The Quickening

I work at a not-theater in DC that happens to have a DCP setup and a reception space, so we often get event-type screenings. Last night’s screening was a Viacom gov’t relations thing, as was the showing of the 2nd Spongebob movie earlier in the year. Most stuff is booked by a marketing firm that may or may not be working with another entity (we showed Son of Saul last week (on 35mm, hell yeah) in conjunction with the Hungarian Embassy) for events or the single press screening (for Spectre) we’ve had. I also think we’re cool with Warner since we’ve hosted two premiere events (American Sniper and The Water Diviner).

We also showed Max over the summer and people crowded one of the actor dogs and I had to change a linen after it jumped on a table. I wasn’t pleased.

edit: yes, I played a dark comedy about the 2008 financial crisis to a DC crowd, including two senators. totally not awkward.

wow damn your work isnt an actual theater but has both dcp and 35mm? i worked at an actual theater that had only 35mm bc dcp upgrade was still too expensive. that seems like a cool job tho i miss my theater job every day.

Nah, the 35mm was brought in by a local vendor we’ve worked with before. We were actually sent a DCP for Son of Saul (presumably as a backup) but either the producer or director (who was in attendance) wanted 35mm so the embassy covered it.

The DCP thing was an investment after we hosted a screening of 12 Years a Slave where Fox brought in their own setup and people got the idea that we could do shit ourselves instead of having things come in every so often. It almost might pan out since the MPAA’s local office is in renovations for the next year and we might be their screening room for the duration.

Also, the rest of the job is terrible.

guys is there a TV thread or does that go in here I’m confused

did any of you nerds watch Fargo?

Fargo season 2 is the best thing to ever appear on a television screen. there is no reason it should be this good. I don’t know how it happened. if you don’t find a way to watch it you are doing yourself a disservice.

I saw THE HATEFUL EIGHT SPECIAL 70MM ROADSHOW EDITION and it took my eyes a while to adjust to watching actual film projection for the first time in I don’t know how long.

But at least I’ve now seen several shots of a penis in glorious 70mm from the third row. Much higher quality than the CGI peen that rushes the camera in ENTER THE VOID imo.

It seems to have the same message as notable auteur Peter Berg’s THE KINGDOM but with a sense of humor and limited in scope to America. D:

did you see it at the hollywood, shrug?

i usually really like terry gilliam, but The Zero Theorem was so bad :cryingpig:

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Bridgeport. More convenient for us outlanders.

my friend saw it there and said she had a really unsettling experience where dudes in the audience kept hooting and laughing really hard any time violence was inflicted on JJL’s character and at all the racist parts. i guess two dudes were so bad they got kicked out after intermission but it didn’t stop the rest of them.

My audience was the same way.

I’d like to think that as Russell was exposed as more of a buffoonish asshole and everyone in general became more and more shitty (seriously wonder if the “shocking” crescendo before the first killing was added because QT was worried Jackson’s character was too sympathetic as an ex-slave Union officer despite his fire-sale backstory and everyone needed to be a monster) they learned an important lesson re: themselves and who to laugh at/with.

But I kind of doubt it.

The Hateful Eight is… Tarantino’s take on the John Lennon song “Woman is the Nigger of the World”

I saw it at the Hollywood Theater… Dan Halstead the progammer guy there said they had the biggest screen showing the film in the whole country. love that place, a real treasure.

Close Up was pretty good. It also could have been 40 minutes long.

While Three Colors:White was playing a friend kept messaging me quotes from reviews calling it a comedy. That didn’t stop being baffling.

RUDIE HAS CONTROVERSIAL OPINIONS PART 109: I didn’t think Thief was very good. Seems like a movie Parker would love though, and I think he’s said as much. Maybe people sold it too hard to me as "Drive but better.’ It only has surface connections to Drive. If anyone wants to complain to me I have a Criterion Bluray of Thief to sell you.

The Long Voyage Home was a lot more teeth and noir than i was expecting from John Wayne and Jon Ford in 1940.

Assassination was a pretty good samurai movie from my favorite Masahiro Shinoda until the Criterion required rape scene.

The Samurai Trilogy is a mostly boring interpretation of the Miyamoto Musashi serials that all MM stories are based on. has some of those fabulous technicolor explosion costumes though.

I know people (rightfully) gave Django Unchained shit for various reasons, but I still think the way it examines the venn diagram of legally permissible violence and morally permissible violence is pretty brilliant.

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Her sort of telegraphed its ending (or at least it did for anyone who has ever put much thought into AI) but it was till pretty cool. I’ll admit there were a few lines of dialogue that I was like “oh shit, I wish someone would have said that to me one day.” I probably needed to see this movie back when it came out.

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The Revenant has a good movie in it. Then there is the rest.

It’s a shame Inarritu can’t stop being a pretentious idiot who thinks he’s above genre and has to have his Important Themes scream as loud as possible straight into my very butthole.

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Caught Django Unchained on the telly the other day and it took a while to get into it in that format. For a while it just seemed really silly anf flacid and miserable. By the time they met Di Caprio I’d forgotten about that though. But I guess a lot of it from then on is indoors.

I watched a really funny unauthorised One Direction doco last night called One Direction All For One. I don’t actually know any of their songs, but it sounded like they’d gotten some kids to poorly sing covers of them in the background all the time. One of the talking heads was just some little girl. One of the unauthorised Britney Spears ones is ace too. Can’t remember nor find the name, but they interview a bunch of people from her home town. Gotta look into this sub-genre more.

(Really looking forward to seeing Hateful Eight in 70mm tomorrow)

Same all the way over here too (well without the hooting–)

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