MUWT 2: The Quickening


why do I feel like I’m the only person who saw Aquaman and thought it was bad except for the part where Mary Poppins was a giant eldritch sea monster

Dumbo is a remarkably faithful adaptation of a barely there 60 minute cartoon filler that was shown in between shorts except for the part where Tim Burton makes it about how giant corporations who try to absorb all entertainment around them are actually evil, which is a thing I’m glad Disney apparently didn’t care about putting out into the marketplace a month out from Ultimate Crossover: 20 Movies of Plot

also he managed to sneak a pretty obvious reference to the crows


it was showing in the artsy movie theater here, i was feeling burned out and wanted to sit in a movie theater in silence for a couple hours and saw that it happened to be playing this weekend only. lucky!


I’m very belatedly watching Spider-Verse now

I have made some mistakes

I need a website that tells me if a movie has a mech in it for these situations


Gods forgive me, I saw Death Race: Beyond Anarchy on Netflix the other night.

I have a soft spot for Death Race 2000, despite never actually seeing the full movie; I’ve seen parts of the Jason Statham “reboot” of Death Race, and Roger Corman’s Death Race 3000 (which is, surprisingly, a remake of Death Race 2000 and not a sequel). I’m intrigued by the (often very light) social commentary these movies try to use to frame Carmageddon but for realsies.

Beyond Anarchy could have easily not been a Death Race movie. It doesn’t follow the plots of either 2000/3000 or the Statham reboot. A chunk of America has been converted to Prison: The State (called The Sprawl), and Death Race happens in there: it’s illegal, but it gets streamed on the dark web, and folks like Danny Trejo make money by letting folks gamble on it. There’s a Frankenstein, but he’s a nobody; he has no motivations other than “keeping the Sprawl from falling into anarchy”, which he does by winning Death Race, because winning means he gets to be leader.

The movie is actually about a rando hired by the warden of the Sprawl to infiltrate it as a prisoner and kill Frankenstein during Death Race, ending his winning streak, which will somehow cause the Death Race to stop being profitable and force it to close down??? In the end, someone else kills Frankie and our “hero” puts on the mask, becoming him, because anyone can wear the mask. It’s the same message as Into The Spiderverse, except terrible.

The movie has an open disdain for women, and sex workers in particular. Lots of pointless nudity. Despite showing some graphic violence, the movie actually cuts away while a white supremacist literally named “Nazi Bastard” is attacked by a group, showing him later to be hanging from a sign in a very brief cut.

Also Danny Glover is a major character in it?

It was a terrible movie all-around, and I’m baffled as to why it’s a Death Race movie.


sounds like

one very large baked potato


you ever get the feeling that a movie is written and performed entierely by rich people guessing at what life is like based on what they read in the new yorker

that’s the feeling i got from the 7 or so minutes i watched of the unicorn store


Even watching the trailer I was wondering what fucking planet these people lived on


(don’t say Twee’lek)

(don’t say Twee’lek)


Useful list for people who are subscribing to the criterion channel in the US and Canada. You can switch countries at the top.


Two days later do I ask did you mean the Twi’lek homeworld of Ryloth?

Fuck why do i remember Star Wars Trivia I hate it!


Quick, what planet is Maul from?


Maul of America


He’s a Zabrak from Dathomir but I forget if Dathomir is the home planet of the Zabrak or if he had some other reason for being from there


rip Star Wars Galaxies


Zabraks hail from Dathomir. Well done!

I know this mainly due to Clone Wars.


king arthur the guy ritchie one is bad but not that bad, don’t understand why this flopped and other stuff doesn’t i guess. the music is interesting for a dumb as dirt movie like this.


I liked it until the cgi monster fight at the end


movie was shite

guy ritchie is shite


High Life was… fine. Not half as weird as the trailers make it out to be.

Whole movie should have been about the space ship full of dogs.

Buddy of mine narrowly missed making it to a screening with a director Q&A. Terrible shame, because he would have asked her “how did the dogs type their status reports to extend their ship’s life support every 24 hours??”


4K Alien blu ray rips are up and they are v choice